Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton’s Divorce: The Real Reason Behind Their ‘Irreconcilable Differences’

Chris Appleton, a celebrity hairdresser, and Lukas Gage, who stars in The White Lotus, got married before six months ago. There has been a lot of talk online lately about their split. In this post, you will read about their personal life.

Who is Lukas Gage?

He is an American singer named Lukas Gage. He’s been in Euphoria, You, American Vandal, and The White Lotus.

Gage was born in San Diego, California, on May 28, 1995. He grew up in Encinitas, California. He did plays and ads and went to film camp every summer. He went to school in Encinitas at San Dieguito Academy.

Lukas Gage Divorce

In November 2020, Gage shared a Zoom clip of an interview in which director Tristram Shapeero could be heard criticizing Gage’s apartment without realizing that Shapeero’s microphone wasn’t turned off. Gage got words of support from people in the movie business. He didn’t get the job, but that made it possible for him to get a part in the HBO movie The White Lotus.

When Did Lukas Gage Get Divorced?

As of today, Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage are no longer married after being married for almost seven months.

Los Angeles divorce papers say Appleton said they had “irreconcilable differences” on November 13 and that they had been separated since November 10. The papers also show that there is a deal made after the wedding.

When did Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage Get Married?

Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage got married in Las Vegas on April 22. Kim Kardashian officiated the wedding. A star from White Lotus named “Lukas Gage” posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram of the couple saying their vows and wrote, “Ring finger where the rock is.”

The couple, who stayed at the Wynn Hotel and Casino, held champagne glasses while Shania Twain sang her hit song “You’re Still the One.” As soon as Gage made the news public, the couple’s famous friends sent their congratulations.

Lukas Gage Divorce

Lisa Rinna wrote, “This is too hot,” and Maude Apatow said, “YAAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYY.” The happy news of his marriage was shared by Appleton in a post with the words “We did it, Big thank you to @kimkardashian & @shaniatwain.”

When they walked the red carpet after their wedding, everyone looked twice at them because their left hands had rings that matched. They went to the Daily Front Row Fashion L.A. Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Kardashian gave Appleton the award for hair artist of the year.

As she gave Appleton his award, Kardashian made a funny joke about how happy and glad she was that he was married. The head of SKIMS said:

“Let me say one thing quickly: I’m so glad he’s in a relationship right now and that everyone knows about it. I’m sick of all my girl and guy friends asking me if I’m available and who my hot guy is who’s always with me.”

They’ve been married for six months and have been to a lot of events together. They went on a fancy boat trip in Turks and Caicos for Appleton’s 40th birthday in the summer. But after some time, they decide to break up.

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Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage, stars in The White Lotus, got married in Las Vegas on April 22, 2020. They were married for almost seven months and have been separated since November 10.

Appleton filed for divorce on November 13 and stated they had “irreconcilable differences” on November 10. Gage shared a Zoom clip of his interview with director Tristram Shapeero, which led to his role in the HBO movie The White Lotus.

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