The Rookie Season 6 Episode 10 Ending Explained – All That Happened in the End!

The sixth season of the American police procedural crime show The Rookie, created by Alexi Hawley, concluded on May 21. With its cliffhanger endings, it raised many fans’ anticipation for a thrilling next season.

The climax was a rollercoaster trip that tugged at many viewers’ heartstrings with a touching Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford scene. Here’s what happened in the final episode of The Rookie Season 6.

Rookie season 6 finally ended on Tuesday, May 21, with an episode that, unsurprisingly, kept my attention. Monica and Dr. London’s tale to a climax, with the defense attorney suspecting Blair may no longer be under her supervision.

From Lucy’s high-speed automobile chase to Nolan’s collaboration with the FBI in Argentina, “Escape Plan” is worth seeing for the stunt work alone. However, the episode is so focused on its action sequences that it lacks in the most important areas.

What Happened at the End of The Rookie’s Season 6 Finale?

The Rookie Season 6 finale sees Monica Stevens fleeing the authorities after her nefarious plan failed.

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In the last episode, “Escape Plan,” Monica discovers that Eric Ramsay has placed a million-dollar bounty on her head. Fearing for her safety, she resolves to flee the nation, intending to take Blair London with her.

The Rookie Season 6 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Monica, determined to dodge the death order, seeks information about Ramsay from her jail acquaintances. During her inquiry, Monica tracks down Jakob Olmstead and intends to jeopardize Ramsay’s plans to assassinate her.

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Monica boards a flight to Switzerland, forcing Blair to accompany her, intending to sell her to Olmstead there. However, her plans are foiled when Nolan and Harper arrive on the scene with the military. They successfully rescue Blair, but Nolan is shot in the process. Monica flees the crime scene and becomes a wanted criminal, putting herself on Interpol’s radar.

Do Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford Get Back Together?

Fans were elated by the long-awaited Chenford moment in the Rookie Season 6 finale. The lingering love between Lucy and Tim persists in the aftermath of their separation; however, the discomfort has impeded their potential reunion.

After the action sequence, Lucy and Tim share a moment in the elevator, during which Tim expresses his gratitude to her for sparing his life. This tender moment between Lucy and Tim has left fans with a sense of optimism regarding the potential for their romance to flourish once more in Season 7.

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