Blossom Campus Ending Explained – All That Happened in the End!

Blossom Campus is a new South Korean BL drama that stars Son Byeong-Hoon as Kim Min-Jae and Choi Dong-Ho as Yoon-Chan. The plot revolves around two buddies who gradually fall in love with one another.

Min-Jae is a transfer student studying in music and works part-time at the library. When he gets to the campus, he asks for directions to Yoon-Chan. After their first meeting, fate keeps bringing them together. Min-Jae attempts to avoid him, but Yoon-Chan takes a chance and befriends him.

While the two are exploring their friendship and true feelings, Min-Jae’s junior, Woo-Hyuk (Kim Yong-Sol), becomes jealous. Despite confusion and heartache, the Korean BL drama Blossom Campus concludes on a positive note for the protagonist couple.

Blossom Campus BL K-Drama Ending: Will the Korean BL Drama be Renewed for Season 2?

Blossom Campus episode 5 depicts Yoon-Chan and Min-Jae drifting apart. None of them musters the confidence to speak to each other. One day, Min-Jae becomes ill, and Yoon-Chan arrives at his flat to care for him. Yoon-Chan gives Min-Jae a back embrace, after which they apologize to each other.

Woo-Hyuk pays Min-Jae a visit while they are reconciled. After an uneasy moment, Woo-Hyuk asks Yoon-Chan why he is acting sweet in front of Min-Jae. Yoon-Chan admits that he likes Min-Jae. The latter follows Yoon-Chan outside, revealing his anxiety. Min-Jae thinks that if he likes someone, they will abandon him.

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In response, Yoon-Chan states, “Min-Jae, I will not be like that. Even if something happens, I will not leave. In episode 6 (finale), the two exchange commitments before sharing a passionate, long kiss.

Furthermore, Yoon-Chan assists Min-Jae in a café where the latter works part-time. The final episode focuses on the new couple’s romantic and private moments. In the final scene, the two had fun while out shopping. Min-Jae comes to a halt and is taken aback to find someone he recognizes. He inquires, “Why are you here?”

Blossom Campus Ending Explained

The drama finishes on a cliffhanger, thus a second season is possible. However, there has been no formal confirmation. Meanwhile, Heavenly released all six Blossom Campus episodes on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

Recap of Blossom Campus and Spoilers

The establishment of a friendship between Yoon-Chan and Min-Jae is the subject of Blossom Campus episode 1. Although the latter immediately senses a stronger bond, Min-Jae is simply grateful to have a new acquaintance. With each passing episode, they grow closer and eventually exchange their first kiss.

When Min-Jae inquires as to the motive behind Yoon-Chan’s greeting, the latter evades the discussion. Notwithstanding this circumstance, the two remain close friends. The majority of their days is spent together.

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Woo-Hyuk is irritated by their connection and inquires of Yoon-Chan what he and Min-Jae were discussing earlier that day. He alludes to the scene in which the protagonists exchanged kisses. Yoon-Chan becomes concerned in episode 3, uncertain as to whether the junior has witnessed the encounter. He disregards his apprehensions, however, and asserts that such proximity is permissible in friendship.

At the onset of Episode 4, Yoon-Chan and Min-Jae exhibit romantic traits. Min-Jae subsequently collaborates with Woo-Hyuk for the purpose of completing an assignment. Being able to follow his senior, for whom he has emotions, Woo-Hyuk is ecstatic.

Yoon-Chan’s superior reprimands him at the conclusion of episode 4 for neglecting to observe proper technique during taekwondo training. Regarding his relationship with Min-Jae, he also has doubts.

Yoon-Chan’s assertion that they are merely acquaintances offends Min-Jae, who is attentive throughout the discourse. The relationship becomes more complicated as Yoon-Chan struggles to acknowledge his genuine emotions. Professor Min-Jae eventually assists Yoon-Chan in examining his emotions.

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