Boys Be Brave! Ending Explained – Episode 7 and 8 Recap!

Boys Be Brave! episodes 7 and 8 premiered on Heavenly on Thursday, May 16, 2024. The Korean BL drama, starring Kim Sung-Hyun and Nam Shi-An, follows two former college classmates who fall in love.

In the previous episode, Jung Gi-Seop (Nam Shi-An) moved out of Kim Jin-Woo’s (Kim Sung-Hyun) home. Later, Gi-Seop realized he had affections for Jin-Woo and rushed home. Gi-Seop locates himself and returns to his homeland with the assistance of Jin-Woo’s father. The episode concluded with the two main characters hugging one other.

The final two episodes of Boys Be Brave! focus on admissions, rejections, and reunions. Aside from Gi-Seop and Jin-Woo, the relationship between Choi Balg-Eum (Jung Yeo-Joon) and Ji In-Ho (Ahn Se-Min) is investigated. While the main protagonists have happy endings, Balg-Eum and In-Ho’s narrative finishes on a bittersweet note.

Boys Be Brave! Recap and Spoilers For Episode Seven

Young men, be courageous! Jin-Woo returns to his birthplace in the seventh episode, having learned that Gi-Seop is present. As he departs a train, he encounters Gi-Seop, with whom he shares a passionate embrace. A heartwarming moment occurs between them when Gi-Seop graciously lends him his overcoat.

Boys Be Brave! Ending Explained

Jin-Woo inquires as to why Gi-Seop abandoned him. Gi-Seop replies that their one-week contract had expired and that he had not managed to develop into Jin-Woo’s type. Additionally, he states that he observed Jin-Woo and Hye-Jin during the initial snowfall. Jin-Woo elucidates that his relationship with Hye-Jin is amicable, and he declares his intention to confide his emotions in Gi-Seop.

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Jin-Woo discovers that his father has urgently contacted Gi-Seop in need of a specific document. Gi-Seop rips the document when Jin-Woo remarks that his father places his professional ambitions ahead of his son. He later attempts to repair it at Jin-Woo’s residence, where the latter conducts a video call with his father. During an emotive moment shared by the father and son, Jin-Woo’s father offers Gi-Seop his praise.

A romantic tension develops between Jin-Woo and Gi-Seop in the attic. The former comes to the realization that Jin-Woo is the sole individual capable of calming him down. Gi-Seop sneaks into Jin-Woo’s chamber that evening and devises a plan for the following day. He attempts to call his friend Balg-Eum for assistance, but he does not answer.

Gi-Seop offers to show Jin-Woo to a museum the subsequent day and admits to having observed one of the artist’s birthday cards. He expressed his desire to travel to outer space with his family in the document. Gi-Seop consequently accompanies him to a space museum.

In response to Gi-Seop’s action, Jin-Woo declares his emotions and extends a date invitation. Jin-Woo holds the expectation that Gi-Seop will agree to his proposition; however, Gi-Seop responds with a “Sorry.”

Recap and Spoilers for Boys Be Brave! Episode 8

The conclusion of Boys Be Brave! episode 8 opens with Gi-Seop showing up at Jin-Woo’s residence and declaring his love for her. Gi-Seop says he wants to go out with Jin-Woo and that he likes him. Because Gi-Seop turned down Jin-Woo’s proposal the other day, he seemed perplexed.

Gi-Seop clarifies that before accepting Jin-Woo, he had to settle certain issues with his sister. Gi-Seop is seen in a flashback telling his sister that he prefers to stay at Jin-Woo’s side and doesn’t want to travel to the US. He tells Jin-Woo the specifics, and the latter is embarrassed. Once they kiss, they are now a formal couple. They spend time holding each other every single day after that.

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Gi-Seop calls Balg-Eum one evening, but the latter doesn’t return the call. The following day, Gi-Seop and Jin-Woo go to Balg-Eum’s flat out of concern. Balg-Eum is depressed when Gi-Seop visits his chamber. He gives his pal some encouragement and brings him out to dinner with Jin-Woo. The proprietor of the restaurant in Balg-Eum invites the three of them to work at a New Year’s celebration.

Boys Be Brave! Ending Explained

Hye-Jin and her friends arrive at the rooftop site on the day of the celebration. She still feels bad for Gi-Seop, but she is glad for Jin-Woo. A few passionate moments are shared by the pair at their part-time job. In the meantime, In-Ho shows up to the location to meet Balg-Eum. He tells the latter that he loves him and apologizes for making him feel uncomfortable.

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Balg-Eum responds by saying that while he likes him too, he needs more time to live a better life. In-Ho is asked to wait for him. With the goal of getting back together in the future, In-Ho and Balg-Eum part ways as their story comes to a bittersweet conclusion.

Gi-Seop and Jin-Woo, meanwhile, have a happy ending. Jin-Woo wants Gi-Seop’s wishes to come true as a New Year’s wish. Gi-Seop hopes that he and Jin-Woo would always click right away and that they will witness the first snowfall together the following year.

In the last scene, Gi-Seop is going down the stairs while Jin-Woo ascends them. Even though they seem to be strangers, they can’t stop glancing at one another as though they know one other well. Whether the scene is from their next life or a flashback is uncertain. Watch Boys Be Brave! on Viki for all eight episodes. Heavenly broadcast two episodes of it every Thursday.

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