Nothing Uncovered Ending Explained – All That Happened in the End!

Nothing Uncovered, a crime-thriller K-drama, recently concluded its run. The series concluded with the airing of episode 16 on KBS2 on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Detective Kim Tae-Heon (Yeon Woo-Jin) apprehends Seol Woo-Jae (Jang Seung-Jo) in the season-ending episode subsequent to his confession of guilt.

In episode 16 of Nothing Uncovered, Seol Woo-Jae begs Seo Jung-Won (Kim Ha-Neul) to broadcast his case in an effort to coerce his father, Seol Pan-Ho, into confessing. A heartbreaking moment occurs when Jung-Won and Tae-Heon, despite their affection for one another, part ways. However, three years later, at the conclusion of the series, the two reunite, providing the audience with a satisfying conclusion.

Ending of Nothing Uncovered

The concluding episode of Nothing Uncovered commences with Detective Kim Tae-Heon appointing Seol Woo-Jae as his suspect. He surrenders to Kim Tae-Heon a critical piece of evidence that implicates his father, Seol Pan-Ho, at the police station. In addition, Woo-Jae mustered the fortitude to ultimately do the correct thing.

Seo Jung-Won comes across Tae-Heon in the interim and provides him with an additional piece of evidence that Woo-Jae struck Lee Na-Ri with his vehicle. Woo-Jae ultimately is incarcerated. Conversely, legal proceedings are initiated against assemblyman Mo Hyung-Taek and Seol Pan-Ho on charges of their participation in numerous illegal activities.

Later, in episode 16 (the finale) of Nothing Uncovered, viewers are treated to a visit from Jung-Won at the prison of Woo-Jae. He then requests that she provide television coverage of the entire incident involving him and his father. He thinks that this will coerce his father into capitulation.

Consequently, Jung-Won decides to broadcast to the public all pertinent information regarding the case via television. The realization of Woo-Jae’s plan results in his father voluntarily reporting to the police.

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Following this, Jung-Won calls Tae-Heon in the finale and proposes to him. The latter, however, experiences anxiety because he is aware that something is amiss. His apprehension is confirmed when Jun-Won informs him that she will depart Seoul the following day after their date.

Despite her deep affection for Tae-Heon, she has decided to separate from him. She is now solely concerned with effectively raising her offspring. Tae-Heon sobs uncontrollably and embraces Jung-Won. Before their departure, he assures her of his intention to wait for her.

Nothing Uncovered Ending Explained

In the Nothing Uncovered finale, a time-lapse depicts the passage of three years. Seo Jung-Won is the proud parent of a healthy and content infant daughter at this time. Additionally, she hosts a new program in which she red-handedly apprehends criminals and interrogates them.

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Jung-Won, having returned to Seoul for unknown reasons, becomes aware of the outcome of the initial prosecution concerning Woo-Jae’s father: acquittal. She subsequently brings her daughter to the prison to visit her father, Seol Woo-Jae. When he sees his daughter, he is filled with elation. Furthermore, he has been striving to live a modest existence in prison while expressing remorse for his crime.

The concluding segment of the final episode witnesses Jung-Won’s reinstatement by her program Nothing Uncovered’s director. She discovers at the studio that a law enforcement officer suffered a severe injury while apprehending a criminal. Concerned that it might be Kim Tae-Heon, Jung-Won hastily travels to the medical facility. Three years later, they reunite at that location.

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While Tae-Heon does have a limb injury, all is well with the exception of that. Following this, he and Jung-Won embark on a tranquil stroll, during which it becomes apparent that they continue to feel romantic affection for one another.

Jung-Won is asked by Tae-Heon while they are strolling whether their relationship will succeed this time. In reply, Jung-Won displays a grin. There and then concludes the final episode of Nothing Uncovered, delivering a gratifying conclusion to the audience.

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