Is Sam Thompson Gay or Straight? The Reality TV Star Addresses the Rumors

Is Sam Thompson Gay? When it comes to the glamorous world of British TV, Sam Thompson stands out as a recognized face. His charm and wit draw people in. Thompson became well-known as an English TV and radio host after appearing on the hit reality show Made in Chelsea from 2013 to 2021.

He went on to have memorable roles on Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Coach Trip, and several episodes of Celebs Go Dating. Thompson made a smooth transition to radio when she started a Sunday show on Hits Radio in 2022. In 2023, she co-hosted the Love Island: The Morning After podcast and was a guest on Love Island: Aftersun.

While he’s on I’m a Celebrity, the attention has turned to his personal life, especially rumors about whether or not he is gay. There are rumors and questions about Sam Thompson’s sexuality, and this piece wants to find out the truth. Find out the details and tell the difference between fact and fiction by reading on.

Who is Sam Thompson?

Sam Robert De Courcy Thompson is a show host and TV star from England. From 2013 to 2021, he was in the show Made in Chelsea. He was also a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother and came in third place. He has also been on Celebrity Coach Trip and Celebs Go Dating several times.

Is Sam Thompson Gay?

He began presenting a Sunday radio show on Hits Radio in 2022. In 2023, he became a regular panelist on Love Island: Aftersun and co-hosted the Love Island: The Morning After podcast.

Is Sam Thompson Gay?

Not at all, Sam Thomson is not gay. There have been a lot of stories and speculation about Sam Thompson’s sexuality, so it’s important to clear the air. In 2019, Sam and Pete Wicks did a shoot for New! magazine that took things to a whole new level. This is what caused the misunderstanding.

The two talked about personal things and even shared a bathtub and a bed during the shoot. They were honest in chat and in front of the camera. Sam made it clear right away that they didn’t cross the “best friend line” by saying, “I do not want to see his k**b.”

Pete joined in with a funny story from when they were on Celebs Go Dating together and Sam talked about how big he was. In the end? Even though the shoot was sexy and cheeky, it was all for fun and had nothing to do with Sam’s sexuality.

So, for those who are interested, the proof clearly shows that Sam Thompson is honest.

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Who is Sam Thompson Dating at the Moment?

Zara McDermott from Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing is dating Sam Thompson right now. When Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott fell in love in February 2019, things went up and down a lot.

Is Sam Thompson Gay?

Zara quickly sent Sam a direct message after her breakup with Love Island co-star Adam Collard in May 2019. After a month, the couple made it public on Instagram.

When Zara joined the group Made in Chelsea in October 2019, things took a dramatic turn. This caused some problems between Zara and Jamie, Sam’s ex-best friend.

The stress got worse in November when Zara competed on Celebrity X Factor, which made long-distance relationships harder for a while. Even though there were problems, Sam and Zara had a lovely vacation in Mykonos in July 2020.

But the honeymoon phase ended in September 2020 because of reports of cheating, which led to a public breakup on Made in Chelsea. Everyone was shocked when they started dating again in December 2020, showing how important it is to forget.

After that, their relationship grew stronger, and in 2021, they moved in together. They are now a popular choice on social media. It looks like Sam and Zara are on their way to a happily-ever-after, and maybe even a wedding in the future, thanks to their funny and loving posts.

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Sam Thompson, an English TV and radio host, is not gay. He appeared on Made in Chelsea from 2013 to 2021 and has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Coach Trip, and Celebs Go Dating. Thompson co-hosted the Love Island: The Morning After podcast and was a guest on Love Island: Aftersun.

In 2019, he and Pete Wicks had a sexy shoot for New! magazine, which was not related to his sexuality. Currently, he is dating Zara McDermott, who broke up with him in 2019. Their relationship has grown stronger and they are a popular choice on social media.

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