How to Add Your Own Music to GTA 5? Step-by-Step Instructions and Tips

How to Add Your Own Music to GTA 5? Although GTA 5 has a great gangster vibe, it doesn’t always have the right music to go with it. Thinking about it makes me think of how cool it would be to drive around the state of San Andreas at night while listening to Gangsta’s Paradise.

People can now play their own songs in GTA 5. To add your own music to GTA 5 or GTA Online, follow these step-by-step steps.

How to Add Your Own Music to GTA 5?

People can listen to their favorite songs in both Story Mode and GTA Online by following the steps below. For this to happen, people need to make their own radio station. Don’t worry, it’s easy and won’t take long. Users can find detailed, step-by-step directions on how to make their own radio station in GTA 5.

Step 1: Put Tracks in the Folder

First, you need to make sure that all of the songs are in the right folder in the game files:

  • Close GTA 5 first
  • Next, open the file manager and go here: Rockstar Games DocumentsGTA V.
  • Check that out and find a folder named User Music. It has to be made if it’s not already there.
  • Fans need to move their songs to the folder once it’s there.

Any less than four songs must be added to the User Music folder for the radio station to work. All of the songs must also be in MP3 format.

Step 2: Set Up the Game

The second step is to change some game settings. Once players have added tracks to the right folder and in the right format, they should move on to the next step.

How to Add Your Own Music to GTA 5?

  • Start GTA 5
  • Go to the settings
  • Press Enter and then go to the Audio tab.
  • Then, find a setting called “Self Radio Mode” and make sure the radio button is turned on next to it. It should be Radio if it isn’t already.
  • Press the “On” button next to Auto-Scan for Music, which is right below Self Radio Mode.
  • Lastly, find the Perform Quick Scan for Music button under the Auto-Scan for Music setting. Pick it out and press Enter.

Then, the PCs of the players will start looking for music in the User Music folder. It might take a while, but everything should work fine if the folder has more than 4 MP3 songs.

Step 3: Pick Self Radio

Finally, all that’s left to do is pick a unique radio station. This is what fans can do:

  • Close the settings for the game.
  • Go to GTA Online or Story Mode.
  • Pick out any car and get in it.
  • Choose the Self Radio station while holding down the Q button.

The music should start playing if everyone does their part right.

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