The 5 Most Fun and Creative Fortnite Mods for GTA 5, Ranked by Popularity

In 2023, Fortnite might be one of the most popular Battle Royale games. Even though the way Fortnite is played is very different from GTA 5, many fans still use mods to try to make GTA 5 play like Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto Online has a few game types that are like Battle Royale, but offline players have to use mods made by other people. The community also has a lot of patches that fans can use to get what they want.

This piece lists and ranks the top five Fortnite mods that PC players of GTA 5 Story Mode should try.

5) A police car in Fortnite

Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 already has different kinds of police cars, this mod by Burchard lets you add one from Fortnite. It adds a copy of the popular Battle Royale game’s police car. But you should know that the images of the two games are very different, and the modified car doesn’t look like it belongs in GTA 5.

Still, if you are a real Fortnite fan, you will love driving the car. It has headlights and warning lights that work and can be turned on and off by hand. The shaking antenna in the back makes driving the car feel like a thrill ride.

4) Caddy for Fortnite

One of the most important vehicles in Fortnite is the All Terrain Kart (ATK). It’s a golf cart that can hold up to four people. The Nagasaki Caddy is the name of the golf carts that Rockstar Games makes for GTA 5. But you can add the ATK to the famous open-world game with this PC mod.

5 best Fortnite mods for GTA 5

The modder says that it will replace the Caddy and that the game will only show the Fortnite ATK. The vehicle that was changed is very close to the one that came with the game. Its body is blue and white, and on the back, there is a yellow flag. Both the speed and the springs are much better than those of the Nagasaki Caddy.

3) Thanos from Fortnite

Thanos is one of the most evil and powerful characters in Marvel history, and the Grand Theft Auto modding community has already made several mods that add him to the series. But the monster from Fortnite has a different group of fans. Fake Plastic, a modder, added him to the latest GTA game because of this.

The Mad Titan is fully armored and bigger than the other people in the game. The six legendary Infinity Stones are all on his arm, and they glow in the dark. As Thanos, you can fly, fight NPCs, load weapons, and do a lot of other things.

2) The Battle Bus for Fortnite

The Battle Bus is one of the most well-known things in Fortnite. It is a moving car that players use to get to the map. This mod was made by TheTigerBeast to add a copy of the car from GTA 5. It looks like the vehicle is built on the Brute Prison Bus.

The famous bus has been in many pop-culture events that have happened 5 best Fortnite mods for GTA 5in real life. Fans are trying to find references to Fortnite in Grand Theft Auto 6, even though there are none in the current game.

1) Victory Motors Whiplash in Fortnite

Even though the current weekly update for GTA Online didn’t add any new cars, you can use this mod to add the Victory Motors Whiplash car to Story Mode. In Fortnite, it’s a fast car that people use to move around the map. You can do the same thing in Grand Theft Auto 5, but it’s better.

The modder said that the car has realistic collision effects, glass panels that can be broken, a choice of colors, neon lights, and a lot more. You can also change the car yourself to fit the way you play GTA 5.


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