GTA 5 Heists Guide: A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners and Experts

GTA 5 heists guide: In the story/single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, you can earn different amounts of money based on how you pull off each heist. If you follow the steps below, you’ll get the most money possible.

The Jewel Store Job, Merryweather Heist, Paleto Score, Bureau Raid, and The Big Score are the five heists.

Heist 1: The Jewel Store Job

Choose Option B (Smart) for the first heist, the Jewel Store Job.

Put Rickie Lukens in charge of hacking. Other hackers might give you more time, but he will give you just the right amount of time for this heist.

To get Packie McReary as your shooter, you should finish his optional encounter. He robs a store out of the blue and needs help getting away. After you’ve helped him, you can use him in heists. He’s just as good as Gustavo Mota, but it’s 2% less expensive to hire him.

gta 5 heists guide

Norm Richards will crash during the escape if you choose him as your shooter instead. After the crash, you can get his money by driving over his bag, which will give you more money, but you will lose Norm.

Hire Karim Denz to drive you. The chase will be harder, but he will only take less of your money.

Take Eddie Toh as your driver if you choose Option A instead. He costs 6% more than Karim Denz, but you can get the most money possible from him: $4,946,153.

This leaves you with $1,076,304 for Michael and $293,539 for Franklin, which is a lot more than you would get if you went with Karim Denz for Option A.

Score: Your total take should be just under $5 million, with Michael getting about $1.2 million and Franklin getting just under $300,000.

Heist 2: The Merryweather Heist

Due to the story, there is no way to make money in the Merryweather Heist, so how well you do or what you do won’t affect how much money you get. This is the first time the three main characters work together to pull off a heist.

You can play this heist in two different ways, depending on the choices you make in one of the set-up tasks. If you chose the Offshore path, you will need to find a submarine, steal it, and take it to a drop-off spot.

The goal item will then be found underwater with the help of the Trackify app on the in-game phone and this sub. You’ll need to use a helicopter to fight your way through enemies to get the thing back to the shore.

The Freighter road is the other way. This time, you find the item inside a shipwreck instead of just on the bottom of the ocean, but the rest of the task is mostly the same.

Score: $0

Heist 3: The Paleto Score

For the third heist, the Paleo Score, you lose money every time you or a member of your team gets shot in the back. You start with a maximum score of $8,016,020, but the way the task is set up means that you have to lose GTA$ 20,000.

If you used Packie McReary for the Jewel Store Job (Heist 1), take him as your shooter because his stats will be higher because of that heist. If not, take Chef. Even though Gustavo Mota might be a little better, both cost 2% less than him.

gta 5 heists guide

On the other hand, you’ll have to leave Norm Richards or Daryl Johns behind if you choose them for the job. You can get his share for more money. If you want to do this, we suggest using Daryl Johns and leaving him behind, since Norm Richards can be useful for the last heist.

Score: Your total take should be just over GTA$ 8 million, with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin getting between GTA$ 425,000 and GTA$ 464,000 each.

Heist 4: The Bureau Raid

Choose Option B (Roof Entry) for the fourth heist, “Bureau Raid.”

Take Rickie Lukens as your hacker (it won’t matter if you get a better hacker) and choose Norm Richards as your shooter.

To get Taliana Martinez as your driver, you need to finish her optional experience. She will be next to the highway in the northeast, which is a chance meeting. Get her to Sandy Shores in time to save her life.

You need her as your driver because she is one of the best and her price is 9% less than Eddie Toh’s. On this heist, she will wait for you in an ambulance, so you can fully avoid the police. Take Karim Denz as your driver if you don’t have or don’t want to unlock Taliana Martinez.

If you used him in the first heist, he will also have an ambulance. If not, you will have to get away from the cops in a van.

If you choose Option A, you won’t get much less money than if you chose Option B, but Norm Richards will die if you take him, which is bad because you need him for the last heist. Instead, you should take Packie McReary and Gustavo Mota.

Score: Michael won’t get anything, and Franklin will get between GTA$ 240,000 and GTA$ 242,000.

Heist 5: The Big Score

Choose Choice B for the fifth heist, “The Big Score.” In this way, you can get $41,664,000 per letter.

Taliana Martinez is a good choice for your first driver. She will be able to fly the chopper well, but she will only keep 5% of the money. You can also have Karim Denz drive the train as your second driver. The shooters are not needed, so take the two gunmen who cost the least.

If you choose Option A, the most you can get for each figure is $34,892,000. Again, your first and second drivers are Taliana Martinez and Karim Denz. As your first shooter, choose either Packie McReary or Chef. As your second shooter, choose Norm Richards or Daryl Johns.

This heist, either way, will save you a lot of money. Rickie Lukens is a good hacker, so use him.

Score: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin each deserve more than $41 million!


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