The Ultimate Guide to Selling Property in GTA 5 Online

When players are in GTA 5 Online, they might need money quickly for some reason, so they have to sell their things. While the game doesn’t have a straight way to sell houses, cars, etc., there is a good way for players to get money for their possessions.

Fans who own more than one property will be able to use this choice. You can find out everything you need to know about how to sell a house in GTA 5 Online in this guide.

How to Sell Property in GTA 5?

It’s not possible to sell property in GTA 5 yet, but players can still trade it for another property of the same type and get the difference in prices refunded to their account. As an example, flats are shown below, and fans can see the steps they need to take to do this:

How to Sell Property in GTA 5?

The players should get out of their phones and open the Internet app.

Then they need to go to the Dynasty 8 website, which they can get to through the VPN app’s Money and Services tab. It’s easy to spot because its sign is a picture of a greenhouse with a sun on it. It’s important for players to tell it apart from the Dynasty 8 Executive page.

As soon as gamers open the website, they need to click on “View Property Listings” and then “Low to High” in the upper left area to change the price. After that, pick the home that costs the least.

Next, players will see the Trade-In Property window in the upper left area of the screen. This is where they can easily trade in the property they want to sell for the one they just chose.

Then, the difference in value between the two homes will show up in the bank account, and the person will also own the home that is less expensive.

If players want to sell their expensive flats, they should keep in mind that this method only works if there are no more than two cars in the garage. This is because two cars are the most that can be in a cheap property. Also, this method can be used for more than just apartments. It can be used for bunkers, offices, garages, motorbike clubhouses, and more.



In GTA 5 Online, players can sell their possessions like houses and cars by trading them for another property of the same type. To do this, open the Dynasty 8 website, change the price, and choose the least expensive home.

The difference in value will be refunded to the player’s account. This method works for apartments, bunkers, offices, garages, and more.

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