What Happened to Lexi From ‘Below Deck Med’? The Most Controversial Cast Member

What Happened to Lexi From ‘Below Deck Med’? It’s a dream to be on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Taking in the sun. Taking off on a jet ski. Being close to tasty food and drinks that taste great. Could things get better? Yes, for the crew.

Bravo’s most popular show The Show Below Deck Med takes us behind the scenes of what it’s really like to work on a boat, and it’s not easy. Especially if you don’t get along with the other people on the team.

Let’s look at Lexi Wilson from Season 6. How did she get away? Let’s remember things from the past, shall we?

What Happened to Lexi From ‘Below Deck Med’?

The sixth season of Below Deck Med got off to a rough start with Lexi and the rest of the team. Things really got bad after Lexi yelled at almost everyone during Episode 5 while she was drunk.

Chief Stew Katie Flood tried to calm her down after that, but it only made her more angry. Katie even tried to fix the problem again the next day, but Lexie wouldn’t have it. During the conversation, she called her mom to say she was leaving the boat.

What Happened to Lexi From ‘Below Deck Med’?

Even though Lexi stayed, she never really did her part, and another waitress had to come on board and help out.

But none of that was as exciting as what happened between Lexi and Chef Mathew Shea. It looked like they didn’t like each other, and they had a lot of fights throughout the season. At dinner near the end of the season, things got so bad that they blew up.

Lexi used the R-word and then told Mathew that his parents should have killed him during the fight. Captain Sandy called Katie, Lexi, and Mathew into a meeting the next day.

The captain chose to fire Lexi after hearing all sides. Like the others, Lexi agreed that she didn’t “gel” with them.

“I chose to let Lexi go because Lexi crossed the line,” Captain Sandy said in more detail during an interview. They need to figure out if one of my crew members is poking the bear when they’re not on the boat. That’s not something I can solve. If one person is making the whole crew unhappy, I need to let that person go.

Where is Lexi now? Unfortunately, it’s hard to find her since she seems to have wiped her Instagram account. However, it was said that Lexi stopped yachting after Season 6 and got engaged.

She must be having a great time doing something other than sailing because that can’t be it.


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