Alex and Graham Divorce: The Truth Behind Their Marriage and Separation

Alex and Graham Divorce: Alex Bennett, a famous person, has stated that she and her husband Graham are no longer together. In an episode of her Barstool Sports-affiliated show, Mean Girl, Alex, 30, broke down in tears and said that Graham had left “five months ago.”

Alex was honest about the end of her marriage when she talked to co-host Jordyn Woodruff.

They talked the night before the show, and Alex said she would “give it everything I’ve got.” This was in an episode called “Alex’s Relationship Status.”

The hour-long chat began with her saying that the two met at a wedding in Oklahoma City.

Wedded Bliss

They moved together to Newport Beach, California, and got married there in April 2019. They then moved to New York.

On their first anniversary as husband and wife, Alex posted a picture from their wedding on Instagram with the words, “You’re much more fun to live with than I ever thought.” Have a happy birthday, Graham Bennett!”

In the years that followed, pictures of the couple having a great time in New York during the holidays showed them smiling.

alex and graham divorce

They were married for four years in April, and Alex shared a sweet video of her and Graham traveling, enjoying birthdays, and going to concerts and sports games.

Ted Swimms’s “You’re Still The One” played in the background of the video. Graham later decided he wanted to leave New York and go back to Oklahoma.

Breaking Point

At first, Alex agreed with the plan, and earlier this year he started getting ready to move with him. After a while, Alex saw that she and Graham “weren’t on the same page anymore.”

“From January to April, he wanted to go back to Oklahoma and I was down,” she shared.

“But after we made the decision, our future, which once looked so clear, looked a little different.” She and her ex-boyfriend did things for each other for four months that “they didn’t really want to.”

“We never argued, we weren’t fighting, we weren’t mad, we weren’t yelling,” she stated. Alex said that when May came around, the couple started having “hard conversations.”

Split Decision

“We were going to have different hearts. We had a good idea of what we were seeing. I was staying here while he went back to Oklahoma.

“I love you so much that I’m going to let you go,” Graham reportedly told her. “I know you’ll let me go because you love me so much.”

She said the situation was frightening, but she was also glad that the choice had been made.

alex and graham divorce

“There were times where I think a lot of my close friends from back at home and my family…they’re just gonna be blindsided a bit by this,” she stated.

“And so was I, you know, like sometimes, I’m like ‘me too.'” Five months ago, Graham moved back to Oklahoma, while Alex stayed in New York.

She said, “Divorce is a scary word.”

“I was unable to say it. I remember I couldn’t say it in May.”

Divorce Challenges

She then talked about other problems that came up during the divorce, like how to divide their money since they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. Alex said that she and Graham shared a bank account when they were married, which is something she likes.

As they talked about getting a divorce, she asked for a refund of one-third of the pay she put into their joint account while they were married.

Alex said Graham “promised” her the money, but his lawyer told her it wasn’t coming. She called this a “gut punch” because she had just signed a new lease and started a business with workers.

At first, she was angry, but she eventually accepted what happened, saying it was “fair” and the way the law works. Alex said that getting a divorce was something she never thought she’d do, but it helped her see something.

“I’m stronger than I thought I was,” she said, though “life doesn’t look like what I thought it would look like,” Alex said she wouldn’t change a thing about her life or the events that led to the divorce, even though they were painful and hard.

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Alex Bennett, a famous person, has announced that she and her husband Graham have ended their marriage. In an episode of Mean Girl, Alex broke down in tears and revealed that Graham left five months ago.

The couple met at a wedding in Oklahoma City and moved to California before moving to New York. After their split decision, Alex and Graham had different hearts and faced challenges in dividing their money.

Despite the pain and hardships, Alex is now stronger and will not change anything about her life or the events that led to the divorce.

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