How Kris Tyson’s Divorce and Transition Affected His YouTube Career

Kris Tyson Divorce: Kris Tyson is a well-known YouTuber and video maker who is known for working with Jimmy “MrBeast.” Recently, he has caused a lot of talk in the YouTube community.

People are very interested in how Kris Tyson’s marriage is going and who his wife is. So, we’ll read about his breakup in this post.

Did Kris Tyson Get a Divorce From His Wife Katie?

Katie Tyson and Kris Tyson have been married. It looks like there are problems in their marriage, and it’s possible that they are getting a divorce or splitting up.

Chris’s friends have noticed that he has changed a lot in the way he looks. On March 28, 2023, Kris posted that he and his wife “Katie” had split up and were “finalizing things.”


Kris Tyson Divorce
Source: Twitter

In the next tweet, they also asked their fans not to ask them about their relationship status because they wanted to keep that part of their lives private.

Do Kris and Katie Tyson Have Any Children?

Before they got married in 2018, they put shots of themselves together on social media. Kris and Katie have one child together. In June 2020, their boy “Tucker” was born.

Why did Kris Tyson Change Her Name?

The YouTube star, who is 27 years old, says that hormone replacement treatment “saved his life.” The YouTube star, who is best known for working with MrBeast, said on Anthony Padilla’s show that she had changed her name from Chris Tyson to Kris Tyson. She is best known for working with MrBeast.

Kris said,

“I am a woman! She/her, I’ve never said that publicly, but I’ve been fully confident in that decision for over a year now.”

The 27-year-old said that Tyson was finally able to accept herself after she started taking hormone-replacement drugs in February. At the time, Kris had long hair and was more out about being a woman. Tyson told us:

Kris Tyson Divorce

“I didn’t know who I was quite yet, but I knew I wasn’t cisgender. So I needed freedom to be able to say what I wanted and figure out who I was. I tried out being gender fluid for a while. I thought, What makes me feel like I’m both a man and a woman? What keeps me tied to this manliness?”

“After a lot of talking with a therapist and a lot of thinking about myself, I realized it was really just the social pressure of, “You’re Chris from MrBeast. You are the person who starts fires. You’re the one who makes things. I’ve liked doing those things my whole life, but I’ve never really felt like the guy.”

Chris Tyson Before HRT and After HRT

Chris Tyson has been honest with his fans and watchers about his sexuality for the past few years. Before he came out as transgender, he was a popular YouTuber, and Mr. Beast’s fans have been giving him a lot of bad feedback ever since. People have different ideas about his life.

Kris Tyson Divorce

Chris is lucky to have family and friends who have supported him and his decision to come out. Chris has told his friends that he is getting HRT. The YouTube star said on Wednesday that they had been getting hormone replacement treatment for two months to help them look more feminine, which was one of their goals.

Chris said that permission is based on knowledge He wrote in a blog post that HRT had saved his life and that it surprised him how hard it is for people in first-world countries to get the body they are happy with. Tyson said that people should let people decide for themselves what they think about their bodies and who they are.

Mr. Beast has fought for his best friend Tyson against people who think that Tyson isn’t as smart as Mr. Beast. Tyson was happy to say that he has already started to see changes in his body as a result of taking HRT medications.



Kris Tyson, a YouTuber and video maker known for working with Jimmy “MrBeast,” has been causing controversy in the YouTube community.

He and his wife Katie Tyson have been married for two months, and it appears they may be getting a divorce or splitting up. Kris has changed his name from Chris Tyson to Kris Tyson, stating that hormone replacement treatment “saved his life.”

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