Top 10 forgotten Minecraft blocks: That You Didn’t Know Existed

Top 10 forgotten Minecraft blocks: Since the beginning of Minecraft, the number of blocks that can be used has grown by leaps and bounds, and because there are so many options, people tend to forget about some of the blocks.

This can happen for a number of reasons, such as the blocks not being easy to get or not being useful in the ways that people want. No matter what, a lot of blocks fit into this group.

Because there are so many blocks, items, and features in Minecraft, some parts of the game will be lost over time. There are a lot of versions to keep track of, and new ones come out all the time.

For curious Minecraft players, it doesn’t hurt to look at some of the blocks that most players haven’t used in a long time.

As of the 1.20.1 update, these are the most forgotten blocks in Minecraft.

10) Dried kelp blocks

Since the 1.13 update, dried kelp blocks are less popular than they used to be. People can still grow kelp and dry it to eat as a snack, but not as many people make dried kelp blocks as they used to.

This could be because the block isn’t used for much else besides decorating. Also, these blocks can catch fire, which isn’t great for making blocks.

Some fans still use dried kelp blocks from time to time, but a lot of fans have already forgotten about them after a few changes.

9) Target blocks

Target blocks, which are made from redstone dust and hay bale blocks and can be found in old city loot chests, aren’t used as much as they used to be. Fans have pretty much forgotten about them for years, even though they are still used in Redstone machines.

Top 10 forgotten Minecraft blocks

Target blocks may still be used by a few players, but most fans don’t even think about them anymore.

8) Lodestones

There are times when a lodestone can be useful, but maybe not enough to be worth using a netherite ingot to make one. A compass can be tied to a lodestone block so that it points back to that block instead of where the player started. Aside from that, though, they aren’t much more than a fancy-looking block.

This could be one reason why a lot of fans have forgotten about lodestones. Also, it doesn’t sound very appealing to need eight cut stone bricks and a netherite ingot to make one.

7) Chain command blocks

Other than redstone engineers and server administrators, there isn’t much reason to use the two versions of command blocks that are next to the normal one. The chain command block is useful because it can run commands every time it is set off, but fans have just stuck with the basic command block.

Chain command blocks can be used to make some pretty cool things, but most Minecraft fans don’t pay them much attention these days.

6) Repeat command blocks

Repeat command blocks have been forgotten by a lot of Minecraft players, just like chain command blocks. Players who know how to use instructions and/or Redstone machines still use them often, but most fans don’t like them very much.

It’s a shame, because repeat command blocks can be some of the most useful in the game, but since the 1.20 update, they don’t get much attention.

5) Structure blocks

There was a time when building blocks were some of the most useful in Minecraft because they could be used to build structures and save and load them. But now that there are easy-to-install mods like Litematica and WorldEdit, building blocks aren’t as popular as they used to be.

Top 10 forgotten Minecraft blocks

Structure blocks are still used by some original Minecraft players, but many players haven’t used them in so long that they’ve forgotten they exist.

4) Barriers

Barrier blocks have been in Minecraft for a long time, but many players still don’t know about them. Wherever these blocks are put, they make an impassable wall that stops almost everything in the game. This includes both mobs and people, as well as projectiles and other things.

Even though they are very useful for making boundaries in a world, players don’t use them much because they have to use commands to make them.

3) Jigsaw blocks

Players no longer pay much attention to jigsaw blocks, even though they can be used with structure blocks to build some Minecraft buildings. Also, jigsaw blocks tend to go away after they are used to build things like villages, old cities, and pillager outposts, so players don’t see them very often.

Because of how often they change, jigsaw blocks are even less common in fans’ minds than the structure blocks they help.

2) Structure voids

Structure voids are another strange block that works with structure blocks. They stop marked spots from being erased when a structure block is activated. This stops structures from being made in defined areas, which can be very helpful when people are building with structure blocks in their world.

Structure void blocks are in the game, but many players don’t even know it because they can only be used with orders and aren’t used very often.

1) Light blocks

Even though there are a lot of light source blocks in Minecraft, nothing beats the way light blocks let you change the amount of light. But these blocks aren’t talked about or mentioned all that often, so many players forget that they can be used.

Even though they are one of the rarest types of blocks in the game, light blocks are a great way to light up a room or make a place impossible to spawn in without putting solid blocks there.


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