Minecraft VR: Everything You Need to Know to Play on PC and Quest 2

Why only play Minecraft in two dimensions when you can play it in three? With VR gear, you can now get more involved in the game than ever before. But it can be hard to set up, so we’re here to help you with Minecraft VR on PC and Quest 2.

Can Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro be used to play Minecraft?

Yes, you can use the Meta Quest 2 or any other VR gear to play Minecraft in VR. But you can play the game with just a Quest 2 or Quest Pro VR gear instead of a PC. Installing QuestCraft, an offline version of Minecraft: Java Edition, will let you play the game without a PC.

Using the Bedrock edition, which you can buy from the Microsoft store, is the best way to play Minecraft in VR. Since VR is already built into the Bedrock version, it is easy to set up. But you can’t change this version like you can with the Java form.

Downloading the Vivecraft mod makes it possible to set up the Java version of Minecraft VR. We’ll talk about how to play Minecraft VR on all of these versions in this post.

How to Play the PC Version of Minecraft VR Bedrock Edition

If you bought Minecraft from the Oculus shop, it will appear in your VR library, where you can start it right away. If you bought it from the Microsoft shop, you may need a custom shortcut to start it.

First, make sure you’ve loaded and run Minecraft Bedrock Edition at least once. Right-click on your screen, and then under “New,” choose “Shortcut.”

How to Play Minecraft VR on PC and Quest 2

For the shortcut, type in the following:


Put “Minecraft VR” as the name of your link. Connect your VR gear to the PC and use the shortcut to start Minecraft in VR.

How to Use the Vivecraft Mod to Play Minecraft VR Java Edition on a PC?

With the Vivecraft mod, you can play the Java version of Minecraft in VR. You can install the mod either by going to their website or by using the Forge Mod loader. To play the game through your gear, you will also need to install SteamVR. Go to the Vivecraft website and choose the latest version of the mod to download Minecraft VR Java Edition.

Scroll to the bottom of the GitHub page and click on the mod’s VR version. It should be named something like “vivecraft-1.19.2-jrbudda-VR-2-b8-installer.jar.”

Open the file you downloaded and put the Vivecraft mod on your computer.

Join your VR headset on your computer. Open the Minecraft Launcher and choose the version that works with Vivecraft. Click “Play” to start the VR game.

How to Use QuestCraft to Play Minecraft VR on Meta Quest 2?

On the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro monitors, you don’t need a PC to play Minecraft VR. All you have to do is sideload the QuestCraft app through SideQuest, which is an alternative app shop. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to turn on the Quest 2’s developer mode and USB debugging for this method.

Step 1: Turn on USB Debugging and Developer Mode

To turn on developer mode, go to the Oculus Developer page and sign up for a developer account. Sign in to the Meta, Facebook, or Instagram account you already use on your headset.

After you sign in, you can make your own group and call it whatever you want. Check the box that says “I Understand,” then click “Submit.”

How to Play Minecraft VR on PC and Quest 2

Read the Developer Non-Discloser Agreement, click “I Agree” and then “Submit.” You can get the Meta Quest app on your phone and use the same account to log in. When you turn on your Quest headset, if it is on the same Wi-Fi network as the app, it will immediately connect to it.

Open the app and go to Menu > Devices > Headset Settings > Your Quest device. Choose Developer Mode and turn it on with a switch.

Start your headset back up and go to Quick Settings > Settings > System > Developer > Enable USB link dialogue. With this, you can connect your Quest headset to a PC and use the SideQuest store to download apps and games. You can also look at our detailed guide on how to add apps and games to your Quest headsets from a computer.

Step 2: Put Questcraft on Meta Quest 2 on the side

Once you’ve turned on both development mode and USB debugging, make sure to download SideQuest to your PC. Use a USB-C cable to link your PC and your Quest headset. Your headset will show a message asking for permission to view the files on the device. If you click “Allow” when asked, the headset will connect to the PC.

After that, open SideQuest on your PC and make sure the headset is attached. Use the search feature to find QuestCraft. Click “Sideload” to get the app installed on your headset.

Put on your Quest headset once QuestCraft is set up. Go to App Library > Search Apps > Change “All” to “Unknown Sources” > Launch QuestCraft.

After starting the app, click “Sign In,” and it will give you a code to verify your account.

Go to microsoft.com/link on your phone and enter the code that was given. Sign in to the Microsoft account you used to buy Minecraft Java Edition. This will prove that you own it. Press “Sign In” again on your headset to go back to the menu screen.

When you press “Play,” a few files will start to download in the bottom right area. Once all the files have been downloaded, press “Play” again, and Minecraft in VR will start. This lets you play Minecraft in VR even if you don’t have a PC.

Since the standalone version is based on the Java model, you will also be able to download more mods for it. But the stand-alone version of the game might not run as well as when you play it on a PC.


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