The Ultimate Guide to Finding Ancient Cities in Minecraft

Ancient City is a fairly new building in Minecraft. It was added with version 1.19, The Wild Update. It is a huge building that is part of the new Deep Dark cave setting. There are a lot of boxes in the city, but it is also full of sculk blocks that can call the Warden. Not only is it one of the scary places, but it is also one of the most rare and hard to find.

There is no one way to find an Ancient City in Minecraft, unlike other rare buildings like Woodland Mansions, Strongholds, etc. Here are some of the best ways to find the odd structure.

How to easily find old cities in Minecraft:-

At Y Level -51, You Can Mine and Explore the Underground

The easiest way for players to find the building without outside help or cheats is to wander around at Y level -51 and mine areas until they find it.

First, you should know that Ancient City can only appear in Deep Dark biomes. Players should always try to find these cave biomes first since they are easier to find than the building itself.

Finding Ancient Cities in Minecraft

Deep Dark biome is made under places with low erosion values, like jagged peaks, rock peaks, frozen peaks, snowy slopes, cherry groves, etc. Explorers can find these biomes and then go straight down to find the cave biome and, finally, an Ancient City.

At Y level -51, an Ancient City appears, so the best way to find it is to explore deep caves or mine at that level. Without cheats or outside plans, this is the only way to find the rare, scary city.

You Can Use Instructions or Chunkbase to Find the Ancient City

Players who want to find the scary underground building quickly and don’t want to spend hours doing so can use instructions or a great website like Chunkbase.

With commands like “/locate,” players can quickly find the location of an Ancient City that is close by. But before cheats can be used in a world, players must either turn them on before making the world or open a current world to LAN through the pause menu and turn cheats on from there.

The second way is to get a world’s seed by putting ‘/seed’ in the chat box and then going to the Chunkbase website to find Ancient City in that seed. Users can look at the whole picture of the world on the great website Chunkbase.

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Ancient City is a rare and hard-to-find building in Minecraft, added with version 1.19, The Wild Update. It appears in Deep Dark biomes and can be found by mining underground at Y level -51.

Instructions or Chunkbase can be used to quickly locate the Ancient City, but cheats must be turned on before making a world or opening a world to LAN.

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