10 Minecraft Tool Mods That Will Make Your Game More Fun and Creative

10 best Minecraft tool mods in 2023: In Minecraft, players can make all kinds of tools that they can use to mine blocks and do other important things that help them move forward. Some of the blocks you make in the game can also be used as tools because they let you smelt, improve, fix, enchant, and do other things. Since the game is like a playhouse, you can make almost anything for it.

Some mods add a lot of tools from outside the game that work in different ways. Here are some of the best mods for Minecraft tools.

10 great mods for Minecraft that have to do with tools

1) Applied Energetics 2

This is a big modification for Minecraft that adds a whole new way to get energy and use it in different ways. It is a pure tech mod that adds new blocks, items, and game features so that players can experiment with new energy and technology. Because of this, it also gives users a lot of tools to play with.

2) Create

Create mod is another machine-building mod that adds a lot of tools and blocks that players can use to make new kinds of automatic machines.

10 best Minecraft tool mods in 2023

This adds to what Redstone devices can do in the basic version of Minecraft. Create is well-known in the community, and millions of people have tried it.

3) Supplementaries

Supplementary is the best mod for people who want to keep most of the vanilla game but add a bunch of new blocks and things that can be used. Even though most of the features are for decoration, there are a few helpful tools that players can use.

4) Chisels and Bits

This is a simple mod that adds a few new tools to the game so that you can do more with blocks than just mine them or make things out of them. It lets players make their own decorations by shaping, copying, cutting, turning, etc. blocks in any way they can. It adds tools such as chisels, rulers, magnifying glasses, wrenches, and so on.

5) Belt of tools

When a player puts a thing in their inventory, that item takes up space in the inventory. But users should use the tool belt mod if they want to keep more things in their inventory without it getting full and quickly get to useful tools and weapons.

The mod adds a new belt that can hold two or more things and can be worn by players. Also, there is a special key bind that lets you quickly use items from your belt in only one hot bar spot.

6) Construction Wand

Players can use the building wand mod if they want to build a big thing but don’t want to place and break each block by hand.

10 best Minecraft tool mods in 2023

This mod adds a magical stick that can move more than one block at the same time. It can summon, place, and destroy a lot of blocks at once, so players can build fast.

7) Sophisticated Backpacks

Since players go all over the world and pick up a lot of things along the way, bags are a tool that players in the vanilla version have been wanting for a long time. There is a great bag mod out there, which is good news. This mod not only adds backpacks, but also a bunch of features connected to them. This makes the tool more complete.

8) Nature’s Compass

When players look around, they can find many different types of biomes in the game. But if they just want to find every biome without traveling the whole world, they can use nature’s guide. This mod adds a special guide that can help you find any place in the Overworld, Nether, or End.

9) Warden Tools

Warden Tools is a fairly new mod that adds a new material called Echo Ingot, which can be used to make new tools, weapons, and parts for armor. These gears are very hard to make, but they can last longer, deal more damage, and mine faster than Netherite gears.

10) Botany Pots

Botany pots is a simple mod that adds pots that can be used to grow and harvest all kinds of plants. It will instantly replant the seed after it has been harvested, and it can also be improved by adding hoppers. It can also be used as a cute decorating block.


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