10 Best Minecraft Interior Designs for 2023: Inspiration, Tips, and Tricks

10 Best Minecraft Interior Designs for 2023: Builders in Minecraft are always getting better because they are always making new buildings with new designs and ideas. This is true whether a player is putting a theory into practice on the outside or inside of a build. In order to do this, the game’s community of builders has come up with a huge number of different interior ideas that can be used in a wide range of creations.

For younger Minecraft builders, it can be hard to make an interior design that really stands out. This is especially true because of the many build tricks that tend to be used. The community has shared a lot of great interior design ideas that can be copied or used as inspiration.

If a Minecraft player is looking for new ideas for building interiors, there are a lot of things that come to mind right away.

Interior ideas in Minecraft that are worth copying or using as inspiration

1) Modern Bathroom

Modern builds in Minecraft are very popular in the community. They come in a wide range of sizes and forms. But the modern style isn’t just about how a building looks from the outside. This design uses white and gray color schemes and different types of stone and quartz/concrete blocks to make a bathroom that fits the traditional white and gray modern exterior.

The dead coral fans in the middle and the end lights are what really make this design stand out. They look great with the white and grey, giving a sterile (but still warm) look.

2) French Log The Cabin

Even though choosing and placing blocks is a big part of interior design in Minecraft, this work by Se1fD3struct1ion shows that a texture/resource pack and shader can also make a difference, especially when taking screenshots. Even so, this log house build shows that designs based on wood and stone are still very useful.

10 Best Minecraft Interior Designs for 2023

With the right mix of blocks and a few plants thrown in for good measure, this cabin hearth looks very warm and welcoming. Its texture pack adds a touch of realism.

3) Entertainment Center

In Minecraft, an interior design doesn’t have to be based on a house or base. On the other hand, this design by TheVoyager35 is great for places where people can get together, like a recreation center in a busy town or city. With its many warm colors and custom block textures, this design makes it hard not to want to put your feet up and rest.

When you put together different kinds of wood planks and bricks, you get a very modern look that is still warm and inviting.

4) Spaceship 23

This impressive ship’s interior was made by Planet Minecraft user Foxy as part of a big spaceship. It would be great for many different science fiction builds. With a few space-themed mods, players can make very amazing rooms that look like they belong in the far future.

Modern design ideas are a lot like how this build uses the difference between light and dark blocks to make it look like the inside of a spaceship.

5) Blacksmith Style

It’s not a secret that the blacksmith shops that pop up in Minecraft’s towns aren’t exactly the most attractive things in the world. If players want to make their own blacksmith shop, either for themselves or for neighbors, this design is a huge step up. It has a smoldering forge, a stone cutter, and a few places to get water.

When broken stone bricks and iron chains are put together, they make an unmistakable shape. As soon as people walk into this room, it’s clear what it’s for because of how it’s made.

6) Throne Room

Medieval builds in Minecraft can be anything from a small house to a huge castle. But what good is a castle without a place for its master to sit? The throne room of a good castle should be done up right, and BlueNerd did just that with this design.

10 Best Minecraft Interior Designs for 2023:

This throne room is very impressive, with golden armor on stands, spruce wood, and barrels, and the warmth of red carpet blocks. It could be the home of a humble king or a tyrant, depending on what the players want.

7) Inside the factory

In Minecraft, it can be hard to get an industrial building to look right because one wrong choice of block color can throw off the whole look. Creeperassasin1212 and other players have nailed the look by mixing things like acacia wood, Blackstone, deep slate, and regular clay bricks.

When these blocks are put together, Minecraft players can easily make a workshop from the 20th century. A great touch is to put glass and ice blocks on the roof.

8) The Best Storage

This storage room by BlueNerd is hard to beat. It has wood and spruce planks, a lot of plants, and even an aquarium for an axolotl. It has many hallways with barrels lining the walls for both their looks and their storage ability. Also, unlike boxes, you don’t need extra space above a barrel in order to open it.

Even though the barrels and halls are well-lit and nicely set up, the real eye-catcher in this design is the axolotl aquarium in the middle. It’s a nice thing for people to stop and look at when they have some free time.

9) Inside a pub

When building a town or village, players sometimes need a good plan for a pub, tavern, or bar. The food and drink item frames are what really tie this build together. They are made out of buckets and a lot of wooden blocks and were put together in a very clever way.

The placement of the trapdoors is probably the best part of this design. Using the blocks and the debug stick together makes a great useful combination for surfaces and other little things in the pub’s design.

10) Interior of Mangrove

Now that the 1.19 update is over, mangrove wood doesn’t always get its day in the sun. Still, the reddish version of wood has a lot of great uses, and this interior design is just one of them. Players can make a beautiful and bright design palette by putting together mangrove wood, spruce trapdoors, lanterns, and a few stone slabs.

This design theory might have too much contrast for some builds, but players who like bright colors should at least think about using mangrove wood in their builds.

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