PUBG Mobile Aim and Accuracy Guide: How to Become a Pro Sniper

PUBG Mobile Aim and Accuracy Guide: In PUBG Mobile, you have to be very accurate with your aim if you want to win. Getting better at shooting can help you do better and give you a better chance of getting the rare Chicken Dinner. Still, if you’re new to this famous game, you’ll need a lot of dedication and persistence to be super accurate.

This post has a list of tips to help you improve your aim and accuracy in PUBG Mobile. This will give you an edge over other players.

How to get better at aiming and hitting in PUBG Mobile:-

1) Settings for Sensitivity

The first step to getting better at aiming in PUBG Mobile is to find the right settings for your device. Change the basic and ADS sensitivity of the camera so that it fits the way you play. When fighting close to each other, having a higher number lets you move faster.

On the other hand, a lower awareness makes it easier to hit your target when it’s far away. Try out different settings and fine-tune them to your liking.

2) Position of the Crosshairs

Getting shots on target quickly requires putting the crosshair in the right place. Keep your crosshair at eye level at all times and try to guess where enemies might come from. This makes it less important to make big changes to the way your reticle moves when you see an attacker, so you can act faster and more correctly.

PUBG Mobile aim and accuracy guide

To be ready for fights, put your crosshairs on places where your enemies might be, like corners and doors.

3) Practice and Get Ready to Go

To improve your aim, you need a regular practice program. Spend time in the training mode or use aim-training apps to improve your reactions and muscle memory.

Focusing on following moving targets and getting headshots often can help you be much more accurate in real matches. Before you jump into ranked or intense games, take some time to warm up.

4) Learning How to Control Movement

With practice, you can learn to control how your weapons react in PUBG Mobile. You can stop your gun from moving by pulling your crosshair in the opposite direction. This will help you keep your aim during long firefights.

Spend some time in the training mode or in the fight to learn how the different weapons move. When you use this information and controlled bursts, you can improve your accuracy, especially at mid to long-range.

5) Where to Stand and How to Move

The outcome of a gunfight depends a lot on how people stand and move. If you stand still while shooting, it’s easy for your opponents to hit you. So, to make yourself harder to hit, you should practice strafing and looking.

Use cover well when striking enemies so that you only show a small part of your body and still have a clear view of your target.


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