Is Nick Grimshaw Gay? Sorting Fact from Fiction About His Sexual Identity

Is Nick Grimshaw Gay? Nicholas Peter Andrew “Nick” Grimshaw, who goes by the nickname “Grimmy,” is an English author, podcaster, and TV and radio host. He became well-known as the host of a number of BBC Radio 1 shows.

He is also well-known as a TV host because of his work on Channel 4’s T4 and The Album Chart Show. In 2015, on the show’s twelfth season, he was a judge.

People have been wondering who the former BBC Radio 1 singer is going to marry since he told them about his wedding plans. This has led to more rumors about his sexuality, with many people thinking he is gay.

Is Nick Grimshaw gay, then? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s get right to the point and read the story to find out if the presenter is gay or straight.

Who is Nick Grimshaw?

Nicholas Peter Andrew “Nick” Grimshaw, who goes by the nickname “Grimmy,” is an English TV host, podcaster, and author. He used to be a radio host.

He became well-known because he ran several shows on BBC Radio 1. He is also known as a TV host for his work on T4 and The Album Chart Show, both on Channel 4. He was a judge on the 12th season of The X Factor in 2015.

Is Nick Grimshaw Gay?

Nick Grimshaw is happy to be gay. Nick Grimshaw says that he found out he was gay when he saw a picture of a wet David Beckham in a football magazine.

The former BBC Radio 1 DJ found out he liked same-sex when he saw a hot picture of a football player from his childhood who is now retired.

Is Nick Grimshaw Gay?

The 39-year-old man said that while he was trying to learn more about football, he found something surprising about himself. He said that

“I flicked through and it felt unnatural for me to be reading about football. But then I turned a page and saw something that struck me,’ he confessed.”

‘It was a black-and-white photo of a wet David Beckham. Seeing Beckham was like seeing the northern lights.’

He told the magazine, “I thought David was the best example of a man, and it made me realize that I like men.”

A few years ago, Nick had to dispel “weird” reports that he and his best friend Harry Styles were dating. The guy who used to be in One Direction and the person who hosts the show have been friends for a long time.

Nick said that when he was doing research for an upcoming interview with Harry for his 2017 debut solo record, he was surprised to find out that fans thought the two of them were dating.

Nick thinks that reports started after the two “really hit it off” when they met for the first time. He says that people often make assumptions about 28-year-old Harry’s sexuality.

Nick Grimshaw’s Fiancee: Who is she?

In March 2022, Nick Grimshaw proposed to model and dancer Meshach “Mesh” Henry. They live in North London with their two dogs. Nick Grimshaw hasn’t done anything to plan his wedding. Eighteen months ago, the 39-year-old DJ got engaged to dancer and model Meshach Henry.

Even though they wanted to get married right away at first, the “Celebrity Gogglebox” singer said that they weren’t keeping up with the plans.

When Heat Magazine asked how the wedding plans were going, he said,

“They’re not at all. We got engaged in January, and we thought, “Okay, in a month we’ll have an engagement party, and then next summer we’ll just get married.”

Is Nick Grimshaw Gay?

“We didn’t have an engagement party, and now it’s next summer,” said Nick Grimshaw. “I don’t want to be one of those guys who keeps going on and on about it. I just want to put in a day and do it.”

Nick Grimshaw is also very set on keeping the plans for the big day easy. “I want to do it in the easiest way possible,” he said.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, and I don’t want to spend the next five years of my life planning a wedding. It doesn’t pay off. “All people want to do is eat, drink, and have a good time.”

Nick Grimshaw’s Past Relationship

He is also known for being close with famous people like Harry Styles, Rita Ora, and Daisy Lowe. But what about the women he dated before? Here’s a quick look at some of his past relationships:

Harry Styles: In 2014, it was thought that Nick Grimshaw and Harry Styles were dating because they were often seen hanging out together and sending each other flirty texts on social media. But they both claimed that they were dating and said they were just good friends.

Daisy Lowe: Nick Grimshaw and Daisy Lowe were rumored to be dating in 2013 after they met at a fashion show and hit it off. At Glastonbury Festival and other places, they were seen kissing and going to events together. But in 2019, they broke up because they had different routines and ways of living.

Meshach Henry: Meshach Henry is a professional dancer who works for Rambert, one of the best independent dance groups in the UK. Nick Grimshaw is currently engaged to her. They met in 2018, and in 2020, they moved in together.

In March 2022, they told everyone that they were getting married. Nick showed off his gold ring on Instagram. They often post cute pictures and videos of themselves and their dog Pig living together.


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