How to Master Hip-fire in PUBG Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide

PUBG Mobile hip-fire guide: Learning to fire from the hip in PUBG Mobile can provide you an edge in a number of different situations. While ADS allows for pinpoint accuracy, hip-firing is often necessary in close quarters or when moving quickly.

Everything from weapon choice and crosshair placement to movement strategies and attachment use will be covered in detail, as will the precision and effectiveness of hip fire.

How to Hip-Fire Like a Pro in PUBG Mobile [Weapon Choice, Crosshair Positioning, and More]

1) Appropriateness of Weapons and Hip-Fire

Selecting the appropriate weapon is an important part of hip-firing success in PUBG Mobile. The accuracy of a gunshot from the hip varies depending on the model.

When firing from the hip, shotguns and submachine guns (SMGs) often outperform assault rifles and sniper rifles in terms of accuracy. However, improvements like laser sights can improve the accuracy of hip fire for any weapon.

PUBG Mobile hip-fire guide

It’s crucial that you know the ins and outs of the weapon you’ve chosen. When it comes to hip-firing at close range, SMGs and shotguns flourish, while assault rifles are best used at mid-range. Adjust your loadout so that you have a wide range of weapons suitable for different scenarios.

2) Practice Putting the Crosshairs in Place

Even while looking down sights isn’t necessary for hip-firing in PUBG Mobile, crosshair positioning is still crucial. Keep your sights level with your opponent’s head at all times, and be prepared for anything they might do.

This will facilitate faster shot coordination while firing from the hip. Be ready to readjust your crosshair as the enemy strafes or switches directions.

Practice in training mode or indulging in casual matches can help you hone your crosshair placement skills. The more you use it, the more natural it will feel, and the faster you’ll be able to zero in on targets.

3) Movement and Place

Hip-shooting successfully in PUBG Mobile often requires a combination of dynamic movement and fire. You can maintain your accuracy while strafing, jumping, or crouching to evade enemy fire.

For battle at close range, it is essential to master certain movement techniques. For precision, though, you’ll need to find a balance between speed and accuracy.

PUBG Mobile hip-fire guide

You can benefit from using stealth as well. You can sneak up on the enemy and fire from the hip while hiding behind cover, such as a wall, tree, or boulder. This tactic can give you a significant edge in a gunfight.

4. Make Smart Use of Attachments

The effectiveness of your weapon’s hip fire can be greatly improved by using attachments in PUBG Mobile. The laser sight is a must-have for any hip-firer’s arsenal. Hip-fire spread is reduced, allowing for more precise shooting. A laser sight is an essential addition to any firearm with a rail.

Think about adding accessories like vertical or angled grips to increase stability. These can help you control recoil when hip-firing, allowing you to keep your aim steady even in the heat of battle.

5. Practice and Sensitivity Settings

For precise hip-firing, it is essential to adjust the sensitivity levels. Try out different sensitivity levels to find what works best for you. For instantaneous crosshair adjustments, some players opt for higher sensitivity, while others set it lower for greater precision.

Once your sensitivity settings have been selected, practice is essential. Learn your chosen sensitivity and perfect your hip-firing skills by logging some time in training mode or casual matches. Practice with an eye toward precision, and adjust as necessary.

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