5 Reasons Why GTA 5 Story Mode is Worth Revisiting in 2023

The story of GTA 5 is a favorite among players, which makes them want to play it over and over again. At first, Rockstar Games wanted the story to take place in the early 2010s, especially in 2013. But almost a decade after it came out, people still find it interesting. It’s one of the best stories that the American game company has ever come up with.

Hardcore fans have definitely already played through the story mode more than once. Still, there are many reasons to play the well-known Grand Theft Auto game again in 2023.

This piece gives five reasons why every gamer should play through the story mode of GTA 5 again.

Five reasons to start the story mode of GTA 5 again in 2023:-

1) To figure out GTA 6’s Easter eggs

Up until the most recent game, Rockstar Games put in a lot of Easter eggs and nods to previous Grand Theft Auto games. Since Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming soon, now is the best time to start over with the game you’re playing. It will make the plot shine again, and you’ll be able to understand every little thing that will be in the next game.

5 Reasons Why GTA 5 Story Mode is Worth Revisiting in 2023

Even though it hasn’t been stated if GTA 5 Easter eggs will be in the next game, the community is hopeful, and Rockstar Games should make sure not to let them down. Even so, the next time someone plays a game, they should be better prepared to find hidden features.

2) Try to finish the game quickly

You should try speedrunning if you’ve only played GTA 5’s story mode as a normal player up until now. There is a big group of gamers and streamers who play the 10-year-old game and do speed runs all the time. They have also set several world records for how fast they can finish a single-player game.

You can watch speedrun videos and streams to find out about new ways to play GTA 5’s story mode. Rockstar Games gives players a lot of freedom in how they play the game, which speedrunners use to come up with new ways to play the game.

3) Try different points of view

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most varied games because it lets players choose from different points of view. Each big mission can be seen from at least two different points of view, and each one leads to a different result. This keeps the players interested for hours as they try to figure out what happens when they make a certain choice.

5 Reasons Why GTA 5 Story Mode is Worth Revisiting in 2023

Some Strangers and Freaks tasks also have more than one way to look at them or an end result. Some of them become important to the story, while others are just for fun. Players should start a long streak of playing the game over and over again to see all the different points of view and results.

4) Mods

Without mods, GTA 5’s story mode isn’t as good. If you play the game on a PC, you should try out some of the mods that the huge hacking community has to offer. They make the game a lot more fun to play and add new details and tasks to it. With the RAGECOOP-V mod, you can also play the game together with other people.

It adds multiplayer to story mode and lets players do all the tasks and heists from single-player mode with their friends. Many GTA 5 mods also improve the visuals and textures, making the 2013 game look like it was just released.

5) To know the history

Grand Theft Auto 5 has one of the most interesting stories in the series, and fans are still trying to figure out some of the plots and details. Officials from Rockstar Games say that the game is a full product. However, fans have come up with a number of ideas that contradict the official claim.

One should play the game again in 2023 to remember the story and learn more about the lore. The people in GTA 5 have a lot of secrets that haven’t been found yet. You can also check the claims by reading the fan ideas before you play.


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