What Happened to BitBoy Crypto? A Victim of Censorship or a Scammer?

What Happened to BitBoy Crypto? It’s not unheard of for a company’s founder to be kicked out of the company without any warning. It happens quite often, to be honest. This seems to be the case now for Ben Armstrong, who started BitBoy Crypto.

In August 2023, the news came out that Ben had been fired from the company in what he called a “coup.” Ben’s claims have made many people wonder what is really going on inside the company and how this crazy story got started.

What Happened to BitBoy Crypto?

Ben is one of the most influential people in the world when it comes to cryptocurrency. On August 27, 2023, he wrote on Twitter that TJ Shedd and Justin Williams had kicked him out.

“Hi, I’m Ben. TJ Shedd and Justin Williams tried to take over my business. Just making sure you know what’s going on. That’s right. At BitBoy Crypto & Hit Network, there has been a revolt. It won’t work, though. They don’t have any power. “I have nothing to worry about until they can make a copy of me,” he wrote.

What Happened to BitBoy Crypto?

In an email sent to BitBoy Crypto employees, they told everyone that Ben was leaving. The email said, “As of right now, Ben Armstrong will no longer work for Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings or any of its subsidiary brands, including but not limited to Bitboy Crypto and Around The Blockchain.”

“This was not an easy choice. But after much thought, we are sure that this is the only way forward.”

Why did BitBoy Crypto Fire Ben?

People have made guesses about why Ben might have been fired, even though no one knows for sure why he lost his job. Some people think that Ben was fired because he recently became interested in a number of meme coins, which some people have called “shady.”

Others have said that the real reason he was kicked out of BitBoy Crypto was because he was allegedly abusing drugs, which led to other violent behavior toward people in the company.

In the months before he was fired, Ben did things on purpose to get people’s attention. For example, he didn’t show up to a court date to answer for abuse charges brought against him by attorney Adam Moskowitz. The case of abuse went on without him.

Moskowitz has said that Ben bothered him with “endless phone calls, tweets, and emails,” as well as frightening voicemails and social media posts that hinted at threatening behavior.

Moskowitz is also the lawyer in a class-action case against a group of crypto influencers who told people to invest in FTX, a fake cryptocurrency exchange that went bankrupt and took a lot of regular people’s money with it.

Ben’s firing seems to have been caused by a number of things, and the YouTube station he was in charge of will now go on without him. Ben seems to think that they’ll want him back at BitBoy Crypto at some point, but it’s not clear where he got that idea. He may have started the program, but it looks like they don’t need him anymore.


Ben Armstrong, founder of BitBoy Crypto, was fired in August 2023 in a “coup.” The company’s employees announced that Ben would no longer work for Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings or its subsidiary brands.

The firing is attributed to various reasons, including his interest in meme coins, alleged drug abuse, and threatening behavior. Ben’s firing has led to speculation about his future at BitBoy Crypto, with the YouTube station he was in charge of going on without him.

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