Where to Find and How to Use Oleander Sage in RDR2?

RDR2 Oleander Sage Location: Oleander sage is a type of plant in Red Dead Redemption 2 that can be used to make things. It is one of the things you need to make poison darts, which you can use to hunt or fight with.

You can also collect oleander sage to complete a task in the game or a daily challenge in Red Dead Online. But where in RDR2 do you find oleander sage? Here are some ideas and places that can help you.

How Does the Oleander Sage look?

Oleander sage is a plant that has red flowers and is quite big. It grows in the Bayou Nwa area of Lemoyne, next to the Kansas River. You can find the plants by using the scan mode. Like other important things, they will give off a golden glow.

You can also look at the oleander sage article in the compendium to find out what it looks like and where it grows most often.

Where Do I Find Oleander Sage in RDR2?

In RDR2, you can find oleander sage in a number of places, but they are all in the Bayou Nwa area. We found oleander sage in the following places:

  • On the other side of the Kansas River, north of Saint-Denis. A group of oleander sage plants and some vines growing on a trellis can be found on the second-floor patio of a restaurant2. This is also where you can find the Flora of North America card for the oleander sage smoke card.

rdr2 oleander sage location

  • On the banks of the Kamassa River, south of Saint-Denis. You can find oleander sage trees and other plants and animals near the water.
  • Near the Lannahechee River, east of Bolger Glade. On the edge of the swamp, near a wooden bridge and a shack, there are some oleander sage plants.
  • Along the banks of the Kamassa River, west of Saint-Denis. Near the water, where there are cypress trees and turtles, you can find more oleander sage plants.

How Do I Use Oleander Sage in RDR2?

Once you have some oleander sage trees, you can use them in RDR2 for different things. You can do some of the following with oleander sage:

  • Make arrows that can kill. To make a toxic arrow at a campfire, you need one oleander sage and one arrow. Poison arrows can do more damage and make an enemy slowly die.
  • Do something hard. In RDR2, you have to find six yarrows, six burdock roots, and six oleander sage plants for a task. Taking on this task will give you some experience and money in return.
  • Do an everyday task. There may be a daily task in Red Dead Online that requires you to pick five oleander sage plants. If you complete this task, you’ll get some gold bits and experience.

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In RDR2, you can find oleander sage in the Bayou Nwa area of Lemoyne. It is a useful plant. You can use it to make poison arrows, finish tasks, or just explore the world. The red flowers and golden glow of oleander sage make it easy to find, but watch out for the dangerous animals that live in the swamp.

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