Which Arrows Are The Best In Red Dead Redemption 2? Find Out Here

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of different guns, and when most people think of the best weapons in the game, a bow and arrow isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Still, the bow has some benefits over guns that are stronger in some situations.

Most of the time, bows and arrows are the best way to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 since missed shots won’t scare away the animals and spears don’t hurt them as much.

A clean animal carcass can be sold for a high price, and players can be more stealthy by using a bow instead of guns with more explosive power. But in RDR2, not all arrows are the same. At campfires, players can improve their Regular Arrows. For players to improve their arrows, they will also need to buy the right papers from a Fence.

6. Regular Arrows

Early on in the game, Pearson will ask players to go hunting with Charles so that the camp can get the food it needs. During the task “The Aftermath of Genesis,” players will be given a simple hunting bow and Regular Arrows.

These Regular Arrows are great for shooting, especially on normal-sized animals that are less likely to get hurt. Players can sometimes find these arrows, or they can buy 5 Regular Arrows from General Stores or Gunsmiths for just $0.50. To make the best arrows in RDR2, you also need to use Regular Arrows.

5. Arrows Got Better

Improved Arrows do exactly what they say on the box and are just Regular Arrows that deal more damage. With an extra 0.6 damage, these arrows are perfect for killing famous animals like Grizzly Bears and Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Which Arrows Are The Best In Red Dead Redemption 2?

For players to make Improved Arrows, they need a pamphlet and as many Regular Arrows as they want to improve. Then, they will have to shoot down flying birds to get Flight Feathers. For each Improved Arrow, they will only need one Flight Feather. Campfires are used to make things.

4. Bows for Small Game

Little Game Small game is easier to hunt with arrows because they do 0.8 less damage. This means that they don’t hurt the animal as much, so players can get perfect skins. If a person is good at aiming, they can also use these arrows to kill regular-sized animals as long as they hit the vitals.

To make Small Game Arrows, players will need a paper from a Fence, a Flight Feather, and a Regular Shotgun Shell to add to a Regular Arrow, and then a Small Game Bow. As more resources are needed, players will want to make sure they have a good chance before letting go.

3. Poison Arrows

Poison Arrows may be the most versatile arrows in RDR2 because they can be used to weaken and slowly kill bigger prey or to stop dangerous animals from attacking. Poison arrows can also be useful against human enemies, especially if the player’s gun is out of bullets.

Which Arrows Are The Best In Red Dead Redemption 2?

Oleander Sage is the rarest thing you need to make Poison Arrows. You can find it along rivers in Lemoyne, including at Macomb’s End. This is the same plant that is used to make Poison Throwing Knives, which are some of the best tools you can throw in Red Dead Redemption 2.

2. Fire Arrows

Fire Arrows are the only arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2 that shouldn’t be used for hunting. Instead, they should be used against big groups of enemies to cause chaos. These arrows can light grass, wood, and other things that can catch fire from a long distance away.

Even though Fire Arrows aren’t used for shooting, players will have to kill animals to get Animal Fat in order to make them. Geese and ducks are the best animals to farm for Animal Fat, even though other critters also drop it.

1. Arrows that explode

Dynamite Arrows are a great way for players who like to start fights with a bang to set off fireworks from afar. Dynamite Arrows are by far the most powerful arrows in RDR2. They can kill even the biggest animals in the Wild West.

To make Dynamite Arrows, players will need to get the paper from the Wapiti Indian Reservation and, of course, buy some Dynamite from Fences. They must be made at a flame, just like any other arrow.

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