RDR2 Rare Gun Locations: A Guide to All the Rare Weapons in the Game

RDR2 Rare Gun Locations: In this guide, we’ll talk about some of Red Dead Redemption 2’s rarest guns and where to find them. Even though the blacksmith has a lot of weapons that are more than enough to get you through the game, these are the rare weapons that you’ll have to look for.

Here are some things that may give away parts of the story that you can only get when the story is over. Read on only if you’ve finished the main story or don’t mind knowing what happens next.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Where Can I Obtain Rare Weapons?

Below, we’ll talk about all of Red Dead Redemption 2’s rare guns and how to find them in the open world.

The Golden Gun (Rare revolvers)

Otis Miller’s Revolver is hidden in Cholla Springs at the spot shown on the map above. The weapon is in a box with a bunch of pictures inside a cave.

Schofield Revolver: You can get the Schofield Revolver by robbing one of the side businesses. Behind a locked door in the back of his office, the doctor in Valentine is running a side business. To find the side business, knock on the door or look through the window behind the house.

RDR2 Rare Gun Locations

Once you find out what the doctor does on the side, you can force him to have the locked door opened. Inside, there will be a table with a locked box and a few workers. The Schofield Revolver is in the box of weapons on the table.

The Gun that Killed Morgan

Hidden on Mount Hagen must have finished Epilogue 2 before reading Micah’s Revolver. To get Micah’s Revolver, go to the place shown on the map above. This is the gun that hit Morgan and killed him. However, this depends on the decisions you make along the way.

Revolvers Gunslinger: In the Legendary Gunslinger Missions, these guns must be picked up right after the fights with these characters.

  • Calloway’s Revolver – Loss Calloway picked up the body after the fight.
  • Flaco’s Revolver: Loss After Flaco Hernandez killed someone in a fight, he was picked up.
  • Granger’s Revolver—Failure After killing a duelist, Emmet Granger picked up.

Rare Pistols

Midnight’s Pistol: After you beat Billy Midnight in a duel, you must pick up the revolver during the task. If you don’t do it right after the duel, you might miss it.

RDR2 Rare Gun Locations

Rare Shotgun

Rare Shotgun: The Rare Shotgun is in a hut north of Annesburg. You can’t get it if you don’t pick up the guy’s gun or if he kills you.

Rare Sniper Rife

Rare Rolling Block Rifle: The sniper who has you pinned down in the Magicians for Sport story task drops this sniper rifle. You have to get this as part of the task.

Can Rare Guns Be Customized in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Gunsmiths and other places in Red Dead Redemption 2 are not the only places where players can’t change rare guns. Rare guns can’t be changed because they have a special look, and making them different would make them less rare.

If you can’t see how unique the rare gun you’re using looks at first, switch to first-person mode and look at it more closely. The good news is that players can increase the maximum power of rare guns by using them over and over again, which gives them Affinity.

Getting Affinity for a weapon will make its general stats better. By going to the Compendium, you can keep track of the Affinity for any gun.

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