4 Actors Who Could Have Replaced Henry Cavill in “The Witcher”

4 Actors Who Could Have Replaced Henry Cavill in “The Witcher”: We don’t know when The Witcher season 4 will be on Netflix, but we do know that Geralt will look very different when the new season comes out.

Henry Cavill has finally left the show after three seasons as Superman. His last episodes came out in the second half of season 3. It’s still not clear why Cavill left the show, but since Netflix wants to keep the series going, a new actor had to be found.

Enter Liam Hemsworth:

In one of the most high-profile recasts in recent years, the Hunger Games actor is set to take over the part for the show’s fourth season.

He will replace Cavill in the title role. We don’t doubt that Hemsworth will give the character his own unique twist, and we’re keeping an open mind about his choice, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few ideas about who might have been a better fit.

Theo James

Okay, we know that Theo James is no stranger to The Witcher series. He voiced Young Vesemir in a one-off episode from season 1, and he also voiced Vesemir in the animated movie The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. However, that would have made him a great choice to replace Cavill.

4 Actors Who Could Have Replaced Henry Cavill in "The Witcher"
Theo James

Since we’ve never seen James on screen before, he could have stepped right into the part. James has seen the movies and knows the story behind them. He knows a lot about Geralt, which could help him play the part well, and he has already shown that he is a great addition to the franchise.

Anyone who has been watching James’s career knows that he is a great performer who gives his shows a depth that no one else can match. He would have made Geralt his own and done the character well if he had taken over where Henry Cavill left off.

Stan Sebastian

Sebastian Stan almost joined The Witcher in 2018, before the first season came out on Netflix. This is a fun story. Rumor has it that Stan tried out for the show, and many people think he tried out for the part of Eskel, Geralt’s brother, which went to Basil Eidenbenz.

Geralt may not have been on Stan’s mind back in the day, but he would have been a great choice to replace Cavill in the part.

We’ve seen that Stan can become a character completely and show the complex feelings that are needed to capture Geralt’s essence. We also know that he is physically fit enough to play such a physically demanding role, so he would have no trouble playing the part.

Stan has a large group of fans, which could have helped bring Marvel fans to the show and given them a reason to check it out.

Chris Hemsworth

Let’s be honest: if someone had told us two years ago that a Hemsworth would play Geralt on The Witcher, most of us would have thought of Chris Hemsworth… and for good reason.

4 Actors Who Could Have Replaced Henry Cavill in "The Witcher"
Chris Hemsworth

Even though both Chris and Liam are great actors, it’s hard to deny that Chris Hemsworth is usually the one that fans love the most.

Chris has worked with Netflix before. He was in two of their Extraction movies, so we know he can carry a series on his back. Even if the Extraction movies didn’t prove it, his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe should.

Chris has a strong energy that would make him a great choice to play Geralt, and yes, the man who played Thor is the only one who can match Superman’s powerful build.

No One

Let’s be clear about one thing: Henry Cavill was a great choice to play Geralt. In the lead part for all three seasons of the show, he was a real standout, which is what made many people watch the show over the years.

Cavill not only looks and acts like the character, but he is also a huge fan of the source material and very protective of the character. Since the beginning, he has been adamant about staying true to the memory of the book and the character that so many fans love.

He’s given everything to the part, and it’s a real shame that his time on The Witcher is coming to an end.

Source: Netflix Life

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