Is Henry Cavill Gay? Delving into the Truth About His Sexual Orientation

Is Henry Cavill Gay? Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, is undeniably one of the most gorgeous actors working today. The British actor, who stands at 6 feet and 1 inch, is well-known for his portrayals of heroic but resolute characters in films like Superman and The Witcher. Henry’s work has garnered him numerous awards and nominations. His charisma is off the charts, and women can’t resist his good looks and athletic build.

The superhero has been criticised on multiple occasions for having a preference for younger ladies. His past relationships are further evidence of this. But there’s also talk that this Man of Steel star is gay. Some photos of Henry Cavill and a man named Corey Spears appeared online, sparking the allegations.

Is Henry Cavill gay? Is he Corey Spears’s ex-boyfriend? Currently, he is dating who? Henry Cavill’s sexuality and the identity of his current partner are revealed here.

Who is Henry Cavill?

Actor Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born in the United Kingdom.

He is well-known for his roles as Charles Brandon on Showtime’s The Tudors (2007–2010), Superman on the DC Extended Universe (2013–2022), Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s fantasy series The Witcher (2019–2023), and Sherlock Holmes in Netflix’s Enola Holmes (2020) and its sequel (2022).

Henry Cavill Early life

Cavill was born on May 5th, 1983, in Saint Helier, Jersey, in a Roman Catholic household. He is the fourth of five brothers. His mother, a Jersey native named Marianne Dalgliesh, is of Scottish, English, and Irish descent and was a bank secretary.

Is Henry Cavill Gay

His dad, Colin, is an ex-stockbroker who was born in Chester, England. Before attending Stowe School in Stowe, Buckinghamshire, he attended St. Michael’s Preparatory School in Saint Saviour, Jersey.

When Did People Start to Say That Henry Was Gay?

Henry Cavill’s longtime friend Corey Spears is a gay man. Corey has uploaded multiple photos of him kissing Henry on the cheek, so clearly, Henry feels physically safe around him. Henry is so close to him that he frequently joins him at the homosexual club he frequents. Multiple images show Corey protectively around Henry.

As a result, many started wondering if Henry Cavill shares Corey’s sexual orientation. At the Man of Steel premiere, Corey Spears made an appearance. Henry wanted Corey to remove the personal photos after the film’s release because he felt they detracted from his superhero image

Is Henry Cavill Gay?

So, if you’re wondering whether or not Henry Cavill is gay, the answer is a big NO. The fact that Henry Cavill is in partnership shows he is not gay, as does the fact that he has never been gay.

Henry simply has a gay friend with whom he feels completely at ease. Therefore, it’s safe to say that your favourite Superman does not identify as gay. Although he’s having some professional difficulties at the moment, his romantic life is humming along nicely.

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Who is Henry Cavill Dating Right Now?

For some time now, Henry Cavill has been dating Natalie Viscuso. A few elements of their connection have been shared on occasion, but the whole thing has been kept private.

Is Henry Cavill Gay

In the month of November 2021, Viscuso paid her homage to the Justice League actor she had previously honoured. 2 Henry, you’ve earned my admiration and gratitude. “You are the most incredible man I’ve ever known,” she exclaimed to him.

I am so incredibly happy for you, and The Hollywood Reporter did such a fantastic job with this cover article that I am crying just reading it.

Henry Cavill Dating History

Henry Cavill may easily win over any woman with his good features and charming demeanour.

So this British actor has dated his share of stunning women over his career, but none of the romances has lasted long enough for a wedding. Yes, Superman has never tied the knot, and he’s still very much in the dating period. Henry Cavill’s exes are listed here in chronological order.

Ellen Whittaker

Henry Cavill’s romance with Ellen Whittaker was his first high-profile pairing. Previously, she performed as a jumping rider in an English show. Even after Henry Cavill’s marriage proposal to Whittaker, the two ultimately decided to end their engagement a few months later. There was no fallout, but the pair did come to the conclusion that their relationship wasn’t working.

Gina Carano

Cavill began seeing fellow actor Gina Carano after breaking up with Whittaker. Between the years 2012 and 2014, the couple’s relationship was turbulent and inconsistent. Once apart in 2013, the pair reconciled in 2014, only to break up again the following year.


Kaley Cuoco

Before delivering his most successful film to date, “Man of Steel,” in 2013, Henry Cavill dated Kaley Cuoco, star of the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco concurred that their brief fling had done wonders for her professional standing. When she started dating Cavill, she suddenly became a celebrity.

Henry Cavill Career

Beginning with roles in Laguna (2001) and Kevin Reynolds’ The Count of Monte Cristo adaption, Cavill entered the film industry (2002). He then appeared in Goodbye, Mr Chips (2002), The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2002), and Midsomer Murders (2002) for the BBC (2003).

He debuted in I Capture the Castle as a supporting character in 2003 and has since appeared in Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005), Red Riding Hood (2006), and Tristan & Isolde (2007). (2006). In the Stardust movie by Matthew Vaughn, he played a small part (2007).

Cavill starred as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, on Showtime’s The Tudors from 2007 until 2010. The show was a commercial success, earning nominations for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Cavill said that the show helped his career: “To date, it has been the most helpful.


Henry Cavill, known for his roles in films like Superman and The Witcher, is a handsome and charismatic actor. He has gained numerous awards and nominations for his portrayals of heroic characters.

However, there is speculation that Cavill is gay, as he has been in a relationship with Corey Spears, a gay man. Cavill’s romantic life is thriving, and he has never been gay. He has dated several women, including Ellen Whittaker, Gina Carano, Jerrod Carmichael, and Kaley Cuoco.

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