10 Minecraft Seeds with Villages You Need to Try in 2023

Players can get a lot of help from towns in Minecraft, no matter how far they are in the world. The villagers in these game areas can be traded with, and players can even steal their stuff by opening chests in different houses. Cats that appear in towns can also be tamed if a player wants to.

Some world seeds let you get to villages and all of their advantages quickly. Fans of Minecraft can play the game on either the Java Edition or the Bedrock Edition, and there are plenty of seeds that lead to villages, sometimes even close to where the world starts. This can give players in Survival Mode a fantastic place to start.

There are more than a few seeds worth trying out for Minecraft players who want to find seeds that give them entry to villages whenever they want.

As of the 1.20 update, Minecraft Village seeds are very good.

1) Multi-Structure Island

If you want an interesting survival experience on an island, you might want to check out this Minecraft seed. Players will start out on a large island with many buildings to explore, such as a taiga town, a mansion in the woods, and a broken portal near the shore.

10 best Minecraft seeds with villages (2023)

Once players have figured out where they are in the town (X: 152 Z: 136), they can start exploring, fighting, and looting to take over the spawn island.

2) Swamp-Village Lite

Even though swamp towns don’t show up by themselves in vanilla Minecraft, this seed gives you something that looks a lot like one. After spawning, players can go to about (X: -264 Z: -360) to find a plains town in the middle of a swamp. Even stranger is the fact that this swamp is right next to a cold biome.

It doesn’t happen very often that a town pops up in a swamp, let alone right next to a cold biome. This gives us some interesting chances to build and explore.

3) Cherry Grove and Ice Spike Village

Fans of Minecraft can sometimes use a bit of variety in their town, where they gather resources or build. This seed gives you that by putting you right next to a plains town but with the cherry grove and ice spike biomes right behind it.

There are also some other buildings in the Ice Spike biome, such as a pillager camp at (X: 408 Z: 488).

4) The Four Villages

If Minecraft players want to start in a place with more than one town, this Java seed has four of them close enough to walk to. If that wasn’t enough, there are also two shipwrecks and a pillager outpost close at (X: 72 Z: -152) and (X: -312 Z: -136).

There is a lot of loot and trading to be done in the four towns and two shipwrecks. This should help players get ready to fight the pillagers.

5) Village With a Snowy Roof

In this seed, Minecraft players won’t spawn near a town, but they will have two places to go. At (X: 232 Z: 408), one can rest in a pretty normal place, but fans can find a more interesting village at (X: 664 Z: -248). The second building is at the bottom of a snowy mountain, giving players a place to stay and lots of mountains to mine.

10 best Minecraft seeds with villages (2023)

Even though there isn’t a town near the spawn point, fans can find a broken portal and an old city at (X: 40 Z: 120) and (X: 104 Y: -51 Z: 88), respectively.

6) The Mesa Mansion Village

Every once in a while, a Minecraft town will be made in a very strange or dangerous place. This seed combines a town and a mansion in the woods on a small body of water near the spawn point (X: 174 Z: 138). Players should be able to clear out the mansion without putting the locals in too much danger.

After protecting the town, players can go to the coordinates (X: 184 Z: 56) to loot or do some archeology in a nearby desert pyramid.

7) Triple blacksmith village

Some of the best places in a Minecraft village are the blacksmith shops. This is because their loot chests contain high-quality things, such as obsidian blocks, gold or iron ingots, horse armor, food, and sometimes even diamonds.

For this seed, players will have to travel to the coordinates (X: -440 Z: -472) on the map or use teleportation to get to a plains town that is between a forest and a swamp. The real draw of the town, though, is its three blacksmith shops, three leatherworkers, and a villager who makes maps.

8) The Bridging Village

Every now and then, a Minecraft town will appear in a great spot in relation to the terrain around it. In this seed, players can find a town at (X: 224 Z: 16) that connects four different pieces of land. Players can take the initiative to build interesting things or grow the town itself.

Fans can find a ruined portal near the town at (X: 136 Z: 168) if they need a little more loot to get started.

9) Sloped Mountain Village

If players like to explore mountain ranges, this seed has one right next to where they spawn, and a town sits on one of its inner slopes at (X: -416 Z: 80). Fans can start there, get materials, find a place to live, or make their own weapons and armor. But the mountain range at spawn has some secrets as well.

To be more exact, two old cities can be found at (X: -344 Y: -51 Z: 24) and (X: -712 Y: -51 Z: 88) on the same mountain range. At (X: -472 Z: 216), there is a broken door, and at (X: -272 Z: -256), there is another village outside the mountains.

10) Villages and Pyramids

Desert biomes don’t usually appeal to Minecraft players, but this seed might be different. Fans can find four different towns not far from where they start.

Two of these towns are made right next to mounds in the desert. This lets the player do a lot of looting, trading, and archeology with little work on their part.


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