10 Most Dangerous Differences Between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions

Minecraft is a game that is known all over the world and can be played on many different devices. There are two different versions of this game: Java and Bedrock. The Java edition is only for computers, while the Bedrock version works on many different kinds of devices. The people who make Minecraft are working on making both of these editions alike. But there are still many differences.

Changes in how the game is played could kill players if they don’t pay attention. In this piece, we’ll talk about 10 ways that Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions are different. If you want to try out the Bedrock version, you should be aware of these differences.

10 things that can kill you in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions:-

1) Door placement underwater

In Minecraft, people can use doors to get air while they are underwater. But this is true only in Java. In this version, putting doors underwater makes an air pocket where players can still breathe.

In the Bedrock version, doors don’t offer the same convenience. This could be dangerous if a player went to raid ocean sites or go underwater mining without knowing it.

2) Totem of undying buff

Players can get the totem of undying by killing evokers that show up in woodland mansions or during raids. It gives players the power to live forever when they hold it. Even though the symbol works the same in both versions of Minecraft, the amount of time it gives is different.

10 Most Dangerous Differences Between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions

In the Bedrock version, the totem heals one heart and gives Regeneration II for 40 seconds, Fire Resistance I for 40 seconds, and Absorption II for 5 seconds. In comparison, Regeneration II takes 45 seconds through this totem in the Java version.

Even though this difference might not seem like much, it makes a big difference when things aren’t going well.

3) Pausing the game

There are times when players have to stop playing. In Minecraft, this is something that the Java version can do. Players can stop their game and then start it up again whenever they want. When you hit “Pause,” all the game’s entities and other features stop for a while.

When players pause the game in the Bedrock version, a pause menu shows up on the screen, but the game keeps going in the background. This part is very misleading because players might think they have stopped their game and can now go away from their computers. When they come back, they might see a screen that says they died.

4) Phantom damage

Phantoms are dangerous nighttime mobs that show up in Minecraft when players haven’t slept for a long time. At night, these annoying little mobs swarm over players and fight them.

In the Java version, the number of ghosts that appear depends on how hard the game is being played. The damage that these mobs do is also not very bad.

There can be up to five ghosts in the Bedrock version. These creatures can find players up to 64 blocks away because they have a bigger search radius. They hit every 10–20 seconds, doing more damage each time.

5) Struggling with the Wither

Wither is one of the boss mobs that players can beat in Minecraft. In both versions, this beast is a very powerful entity that can be hard to kill. But the Wither from Bedrock is more dangerous.

On Bedrock, Wither has 600 health while in Java it only has 300. If someone is playing the Bedrock Edition in hard mode, Wither will send out three skeletons to attack them. The Wither II impact does eight damage to its health, making it very hard to beat.

6) Damage from Boat Fall

Boats are one of the best things to use for MLG in Minecraft. Still, the players of the Bedrock version might not agree with it. The way boats work in Java and Bedrock are very different.

10 Most Dangerous Differences Between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions

Players in the Java version can use a boat to jump from a high place and land without taking any damage from the fall. This is not true for the Bedrock version, where players will die even if they are on the boat and jump from a high place.

7) Caught Endermen with Boats

In Minecraft, Enderman are neutral mobs that can move. When they are killed, there is a 50% chance that they will drop ender pearls, which are important things that players need. In the Java version, players can use boats to catch Endermen and easily kill them. They don’t need to worry about being able to move.

In the Bedrock version, however, Endermen can teleport out of their boats, making them harder to kill. These Endermen can get away from the players and attack them.

8) Raiding Ocean Monuments

Ocean monuments are buildings made in Minecraft that are made underwater. The guardians and older guardians who watch the area live in these buildings. One big change is the mining fatigue that the elder guardians cause.

In both versions, milk can help players who are tired from farming. That being said, players in Bedrock could get mining tiredness right after drinking milk. This is not the case in Java, where teams have one minute between each attack.

9) Elytra Takes to the Air

Elytra gives Minecraft players wings that they can put on and use to fly. The basics stay the same, but in the Bedrock version, players can press the jump key to stop flying in the middle of a jump. If a new player doesn’t know about this feature, it can be dangerous. They could fall to their deaths if they pressed the flight key by accident.

10) Drowned Spawning with Tridents

Swimming in Bedrock can kill you because the drowned spawn in groups of two to four entities, and there’s a 15% chance they’ll have a trident with them. In the Java edition, drowned spawn one at a time, and there is only a 6.25 percent chance that they will spawn with a trident.

So, in the Bedrock version, when players swim, they are more likely to be attacked by drowning, since carrying a trident does six full hearts of damage. Compared to the Java edition, they do four times as much harm, which is four full hearts.


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