10 Minecraft Survival Servers You Need to Try in 2023

Survival Mode in Minecraft is still one of, if not the most played mode in the popular sandbox game. So, it’s not too surprising that a lot of people go to survival multiplayer sites to play survival games with their friends and other people they know. Also, each server’s plugins, mods, or other choices give the overall survival genre its own unique twist.

There are so many Minecraft sites with survival worlds that it may be hard to find one that you like. The good news is that there are so many choices that you’re sure to like at least a few of them.

Try out some Minecraft survival sites in 2023

1) Vanilly

Vanilly is one of the newest Minecraft sites, and it doesn’t have a lot of players yet. Still, some players might like a more intimate experience with a smaller group of people rather than diving into one of the many huge online sites.

Vanilly’s survival world isn’t just plain boring, as the name might suggest. It has things like player warping, land claims, shops, and the ability to make easels and paint on them.

2) Craftadia

Craftadia is a survival Minecraft server with a lot of benefits. It has a large player base, with over 1,000 people online most of the time. The server has a lot of tools and vanilla-lite improvements, like the ability to claim land and teleport to your home, as well as an economy that is focused on the players. You can also tell other fans who visit your builds and claimed places what they can and can’t do.

10 best Minecraft survival servers (2023)

As an added bonus, Minecraft fans who join Craftadia can find multiple survival worlds, some of which can be visited to gather resources before going back to base.

3) ThePondMC

ThePondMC is a server network that was made by the Minecraft content creator Ducky. It has several game types, including Skyblock, and a traditional survival multiplayer (SMP) world. The server has a few hundred active players every day, so as you move around the game world, you should be able to find a few friends.

ThePondMC has things like player perks, which can be very helpful for long-term progress, in addition to the standard survival features that most survival servers have.

4) Netherite.gg

Netherite.gg is best known for its Skyblock gameplay, but it also has a traditional SMP mode and a Towny world where players can work together to build a village. This gives you some options depending on what kind of survival game you want to play.

Also, the server’s admins and managers are always around to get rid of any griefers, PvPers, TP killers, or scammers who might show up in their survival worlds.

5) Pika Network

Pika Network is still one of the most popular Minecraft servers, with thousands of people using it every day. Even though these players are spread out across many different worlds with different game modes, Pika Network gives you two different ways to play survival games, based on what you like.

There is a survival server with custom quests, a mob like the Wandering Trader that has been updated, and even cosmetics. If you join the Classic Skyblock world, you can also try a different way to survive.

6) InsanityCraft

There are a lot of different Minecraft game types to play on InsanityCraft, but the survival world is a great mix of vanilla gameplay and features that make life easier. InsanityCraft has the usual land claim and build protection features, but you can also use a single command to go to the in-game shop.

10 best Minecraft survival servers (2023)

You can get a few free things to help you get started in this store, which is a big plus, especially since so many Minecraft servers these days use microtransactions.

7) Jartex Network

Jartex Network has done very well over the past few years. It now has more than 100,000 people. This Minecraft server is proud of how flexible it is. It might not have as many game types as a mega-server like Hypixel, but it still does a good job.

Jartex is a survival game with five different worlds and a strong trade system that is driven by the players. There are also clans in survival worlds, so you can work with other players to build and fight together.

8) CosmosMC

CosmosMC is a great choice for Minecraft players who like to survive on maps with a lot going on. In particular, this server runs a map that is a smaller version of Earth. This lets you build and make your way through in-game places that often look a lot like their real-life counterparts.

Also, the Earth world of CosmosMC has good quality-of-life features, but the survival gameplay is still pretty basic, which may be appealing to some players.

9) CraftYourTown

CraftYourTown is one of the best Towny sites in the Minecraft community. It combines classic survival games with strong social features. To be more specific, this server uses the Towny plugin to help people work together to build villages, towns, or even whole mega-cities.

This server is great for playing with a small group of close friends, and seeing how player towns grow is always a nice bonus.

10) Vulengate

Vulengate is one of the more recent survival servers in the community. It has a small number of players, and some players may prefer more crowded places. With the MCMMO plugin, the server adds skills to survival games. There are also world bosses to fight, jobs, a black market, and custom enchantments.

Since it is new, it may still have some problems to work out, but Vulengate can be a nice, slower option for some of the bigger servers out there.

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Survival Mode in Minecraft remains a popular and popular mode, with many Minecraft sites offering unique survival worlds and plugins. Some popular survival sites include Vanilly, Craftadia, ThePondMC, Netherite.gg, Pika Network, Jartex Network, CosmosMC, CraftYourTown, and Vulengate.

Vanilly offers an intimate experience with smaller groups, while Craftadia offers tools and vanilla-lite improvements. ThePondMC has player perks and offers a traditional survival multiplayer (SMP) world. Netherite.gg is known for its Skyblock gameplay, while Pika Network offers custom quests, mobs, and cosmetics.

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