What is Mending in Minecraft and Why You Should Have It on All Your Items?

What is Mending in Minecraft? There are a lot of great enchantments in Minecraft, and fixing is one of the best ones to have if you use a lot of tools and weapons. So, here is all the information you need about fixing the game and how to get the enchantment.

In a game, nothing is more annoying than when your tools break while you’re exploring, and Minecraft is no different. If you have the mending magic, though, your things will last a lot longer.

Mending is one of the many helpful enchantments in Minecraft that can make the game easier. However, because it is so rare, it is hard to get.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Mending charm and what it can be used for in Minecraft.

What is Mending in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, mend is a spell that will make your tools and weapons last longer.

When you get XP in the game by trading, fishing, or beating up enemies, mending will instantly fix items that are enchanted with the orb at a rate of two durability per point of XP. You can use mending to enchant more than one thing, but it will only repair one item at a time.

What is Mending in Minecraft?

In short, the mending spell will make your tools and weapons in the game last much longer. Everything in Minecraft has a limited number of uses, but you can make your favorites last much longer by enchanting them with mending.

The Mending Enchantment: How to Get It in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is a certain trick that will help you get the charm more often. You can try to open it by using the enchantment table, but your chances of success are very low. Instead, try the steps below:

  • Find or build a Librarian in any town. To make a Librarian, lure a jobless villager away from others and give them a Lecturn.
  • As soon as the Librarian is up and running, you can trade gems for books.
  • Check out the books that are for sale and, if you can, trade for the book on fixing things.
  • If the book isn’t there, take the villager’s Lecturn and put a new one in its place.
  • This will make the Librarian’s trade offers start over, so just repeat the process until you can trade for the book that fixes things.


In Minecraft, mending is a useful enchantment that can make tools and weapons last longer. It is rare but can be obtained through trading, fishing, or beating enemies.

To obtain the mending charm, find or build a Librarian in a town, lure a jobless villager, and trade gems for books. If the book isn’t available, replace it with the villager’s Lecturn.

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