5 Reasons Why Enus Deity is the Best Car in GTA Online in 2023

As part of the GTA Online events for Grand Theft Auto 5’s 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games added the Enus Deity to the Diamond Casino Podium this week.

This car came out with The Contract update in December 2021. It is based on the Bentley Flying Spur. Since the Deity was added to the game, several other cars have been added, but it’s still a pretty good choice.

Even if players don’t win that car from the podium this week, there are many good reasons to buy it from Legendary Motorsport for the full price. So, let’s look at why, in GTA Online in 2023, you should have the Enus Deity.

Imani Tech improvements and four other reasons to own Enus Deity in GTA Online in 2023

1) Solid Build

The Enus Deity has a clean look and a pretty strong build that keeps everyone in the car safe. Its bulletproof windows are a big help in this way, especially during tasks when NPCs’ aim is a little too good in GTA Online.

The protection on this car can also be upgraded at Los Santos Customs to make it even more resistant. This means that the ride can take more than one explosion before it goes off.

2) Imani Tech Upgrades

The Enus Deity can be made stronger with standard upgrades, but adding Imani Tech upgrades can make this ride much better. These changes can only be made at the car workshop of the Celebrity Solution Agency, and they only work on a few vehicles.

Why Enus Deity is the Best Car in GTA Online in 2023

Most people buy the Missile Lock-On Jammer and the Armor Plating from Imani Tech. The first one makes it harder for guided rockets to hit a car, and the second one makes it more resistant to explosions. One of these improvements is a Remote-Control tool that lets a car be driven even when no one is inside.

These upgrades can only be put on a car in the workshop of an Agency. As part of the current GTA Online weekly update, all Agencies and their possible add-ons can be bought for 50% less until September 20, 2023.

3) Offensive Measures

Even though the Enus Deity has a lot of ways to defend itself, it can also be given some very useful ways to attack. First, for $135,000, players can put Slick proximity mines in the car. These can be very helpful if you’re being chased because they temporarily make the car lose control.

Also, for $297,000, the Enus Deity can be outfitted with two Machine Guns. When combined with the armored windows, these fast-firing guns make the car into a fortress that will be very useful in many situations.

4) Lots of Ways to Make It Your Own

At any vehicle garage, players can change the Enus Deity in more than 20 different ways. You can change its body trim, bumpers, exhausts, hood, roof, and more, in addition to Imani Tech and normal armor upgrades.

Why Enus Deity is the Best Car in GTA Online in 2023

Each of these categories has several choices, so players can make this car fit their own tastes.

This game also has 12 different paint jobs for it, which makes it look even better than it already does. Around $1,385,445 is what it will cost to fully customize the Enus Deity. Using money bugs in GTA Online, it’s easy to make that much money.

5) Worth the Money

It can be hard to make money in GTA Online sometimes. So, it is very important that people spend it carefully. On Legendary Motorsport, it costs $1,845,000 for the Enus Deity, which is a lot of money. But its use makes this purchase worthwhile.

In this game, there are several cars that cost a lot more than the Deity but can’t compete with it in any way. Also, players can get their Trade Price of $1,383,750 by finishing 10 Security Contracts from the Agency.

In a word, buying the Enus Deity is a great deal for the money. It would be a great addition to Grand Theft Auto 6 if Rockstar decided to add it.



Rockstar Games has added the Enus Deity to the Diamond Casino Podium for Grand Theft Auto 5’s 10th anniversary. This car, based on the Bentley Flying Spur, has a solid build and can be upgraded with Imani Tech upgrades.

The Enus Deity can be equipped with Slick proximity mines and Machine Guns for $135,000 and $297,000 respectively. It can be customized in over 20 ways and has 12 different paint jobs.

At $1,845,000, it is worth the money, as it is a great deal for the money and could be a great addition to Grand Theft Auto 6.

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