The Bad Guys Ending Explained: What Really Happened in the Last Scene

The Bad Guys Ending Explained: The Bad Guys, DreamWorks’ answer to Despicable Me, shows that even bad guys can change their ways. The ending has a simple but sweet message. In his first movie as a director, Pierre Perifel follows the trend of animals that act like people.

In the past six months, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sing 2 have both been released. The Bad Guys is an exciting, joke-filled movie that will make both kids and adults laugh. It moves quickly and makes references to old heist movies, which will make it fun for both kids and adults.

The Bad Guys, which comes out in April 2022, is about how Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark, Ms. Tarantula, and Mr. Piranha get into trouble after stealing enough money to live well.

When the city’s leader, Governor Foxington, makes fun of the group in public, they plan to steal the Golden Dolphin Award, which other thieves have tried and failed to take.

After pulling off a heist like in Ocean’s Eleven, The Bad Guys almost do the impossible, but the cops catch them on their way out. When Professor Marmalade was going to jail, he volunteered to help turn the bad guys into good guys.

Marmalade, whose voice is done by Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd and Disenchantment, sets up the gang at the end by stealing a valuable meteorite that gives him almost unlimited power and letting The Bad Guys take the credit.

The team uses their crime smarts to outsmart the evil guinea pig and save the day, showing that they can change. The movie is surprisingly deep for a movie for kids, and the mix of 2D and 3D animation makes it even more interesting.

Here’s a look at the ending of The Bad Guys and what comes next for the group.

Why the bad guys had to do the Snake, Marmalade, and Foxington twists

Professor Marmalade turned out not to be the nice, helpful guy he seemed to be. Instead, he was the real bad guy in the story. The good guy offered to change the criminals’ ways, but his real plan was to blame the gang so he could carry out his evil plan without getting caught.

The Bad Guys Ending Explained

The character is a lot like other famous bad guys, like Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2, who wanted to control the ultimate power source, and Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2, who at first seemed like a nice friend.

The bad side of Marmalade had to happen so that The Bad Guys could use their skills at stealing for the greater good. Because they wanted to get even, the group was able to trick the bad mouse and become heroes in the city.

The next twist came when Diane Foxington said she was the famed “Crimson Paw,” a criminal who had been out of prison for a long time and had never been caught. In the first act, there were hints that Foxington was the movie’s bad guy.

The city’s governor seemed to know a lot about how criminals work, and he told Sam Rockwell’s character, Mr. Wolf, that “things aren’t always what they seem” while they looked at a piece of modern art.

Later in the movie, the message does come through, but instead of going against The Bad Guys, Foxington, who is voiced by Awkwafina, chooses to work with them. Foxington’s change showed Mr. Wolf and his friends that they could stop being bad and make a difference by doing good.

Mr. Snake went on more adventures than any other figure. At the beginning of the movie, the slick warrior is the epitome of a bad guy. He would have fit right in with the bad guys in Reservoir Dogs. When his friends joined the good side, the sneaky reptile deserted them to join forces with Marmalade.

However, it turned out that this was all a trick so that Mr. Snake could beat the bad guinea pig from the inside. In The Bad Guys, Snake’s double twist was done well, and it was needed to make his final face-turn more exciting.

It also brought out the movie’s theme that anyone can be good, no matter what they look like, just like the much-loved classic Shrek from DreamWorks.

Why All the Other People in the Bad Guy’s City are Human

The fact that everyone in The Bad Guys, except for the gang, Foxington, and Marmalade, is a person is a creative choice that may leave some people with questions.

The movie never explains why this is, but it makes it easy to know which characters to pay attention to, especially during the busy car race and heist scenes.

Still, it’s confusing that only the main characters are human-like, while other animals, like the guinea pigs Professor Marmalade controls, act like normal animals. In movies like Sing 2, all of the actors, even the ones in the background, are animals.

All of the Bad Guys’ animal forms are killers, which shows how dangerous they are to other people. They also show what kind of person each gang member is. For example, Ms. Tarantula can hack into anything, just like a spider can get into small places.

The movie uses this dynamic to make people laugh, especially with Mr. Shark, who is shown to be “the master of disguise” even though he is the only huge shark that walks on land in the city.

The Bad Guys also makes references to other famous animal fables and fairy tales. For example, Mr. Fox is seen wearing a sheep onesie (a real wolf in sheep’s clothing) and later dressed as a grandma, like in Little Red Riding Hood.

How the Movie’s Credits Scene Sets Up the Story of “The Bad Guys 2”

Like most new movies, The Bad Guys has a scene in the middle of the credits that sets up a possible sequel. In the scene, Mr. Wolf and Mr. Snake are the last ones to get out of jail. They get out early for being good, which shows that they have really changed.

The Bad Guys Ending Explained

They are picked up by the other Bad Guys and Foxington, who drive them into the city while asking the gang if they are “ready to get to work.” No one knows exactly what their next job will be, but it seems likely that Foxington will use them as an unofficial law enforcement group to deal with major dangers.

In Aaron Blabey’s sourcebook series, the Bad Guys have a lot of enemies who could show up on the big screen. Dread Overlord Splaarghon, a bad centipede that wants to take over the whole universe, could be the team’s next big enemy.

But people shouldn’t bet against Professor Marmalade coming back in a stronger form, like Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik/Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

What Does the Ending of “The Bad Guys” Really Mean?

The main idea of The Bad Guys is second chances. In the first part of the movie, the main message is that people are born good or bad, and that’s mostly because of how they look.

The movie shows that anyone can do good by having the group be made up of scary animals. The twists also teach people not to judge a book by its cover, since none of the key characters are what they seem to be at first: Marmalade is bad, Foxington is more than just a politician, and the bad guys in The Bad Guys end up being good.

The Bad Guys also goes deeper than the average cartoon movie for kids into how friendships work. The people in the group all trust each other and think that, as a team, they can do anything, even rob a bank.

When there is trouble in the group, they finally work out their problems and forgive each other so they can beat Marmalade. In The Bad Guys 2, the group will continue to grow, but Mr. Wolf and the others will probably have a hard time staying on the right side of the law.


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