The Bad Guy 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know

The Bad Guy 2 is the follow-up to the animated comedy movie The Bad Guys, which came out in 2022 and was based on a set of children’s books by Aaron Blabey. The first movie was a hit with both critics and viewers.

It made more than $250 million around the world and won two awards. In May 2022, not long after the first movie came out, the sequel was revealed.

Here is everything you need to know about The Bad Guy 2, such as when it will come out, who will be in it, what it will be about, and more.

The Bad Guy 2 Release Date

The Bad Guy 2 will be released on April 14, 2024, by Universal Pictures. The movie will be shown in both 2D and RealD 3D. The movie was supposed to come out in March 2024, but it was moved back a month so it wouldn’t compete with Zootopia 2.

The Bad Guy 2 Release Date

producers and distributors have not confirmed this, though. Fans of the series can’t wait to hear more about the sequel, which will bring back Sam Rockwell as Mr. Wolf, the boss of the Bad Guys who wants to become a Good Guy and other stars.

The Bad Guy 2 Cast

The main actors from the first movie will be back, and there will also be some new faces. The group is made up of:

  • Sam Rockwell plays Mr. Wolf, the boss of the Bad Guys who wants to turn good.
  • Marc Maron plays Mr. Snake, a con artist who is loyal to Wolf and very bitter and sarcastic.
  • Awkwafina plays Ms. Tarantula, a skilled hacker and expert on explosives who likes Wolf.
  • Craig Robinson plays Mr. Shark, a friendly giant who loves to eat and sing.
  • Anthony Ramos plays Mr. Piranha, a thief who loves Wolf and talks quickly.

The Bad Guy 2 Plot

The story of The Bad Guy 2 is based on what happened in the first movie. In the first movie, the Bad Guys were able to stop Marmalade’s evil plan and show the world who he really was.

But Marmalade gets out of jail and vows to get even with the Bad Guys, who have become well-known heroes because of what they did. Marmalade gets together with an old friend, Rat, and hires Skunk to kill the Bad Guys one by one.

The Bad Guy 2 Release Date

The Bad Guys, on the other hand, have to deal with new problems and temptations as they try to get used to their new position and way of life. Along the way, they meet new friends and foes, like Fox and his gang, Owl and her knowledge, and Foxington and her secret identity.

The Bad Guys have to decide if they want to keep being good or go back to their old ways. They also have to stop Marmalade’s final plan, which puts the whole world in danger.

What Really Happens at the End of “The Bad Guys”?

The main idea of The Bad Guys is that you can try again. In the first part of the movie, the main lesson is that people are born good or bad, and this is mostly because of how they look.

Even though the group is made up of scary animals, the movie shows that anyone can do good. The twists also teach people not to judge a book by its cover, since none of the main characters are what they seem to be at first: Marmalade is bad, Foxington is more than just a politician, and the bad guys in The Bad Guys end up being good.

The Bad Guys also shows how bonds work in a more in-depth way than the average cartoon for kids. The people in the group all trust each other and think that, as a group, they can do anything, even rob a bank.

When there are problems in the group, they work things out and forgive each other so they can beat Marmalade. In The Bad Guys 2, the group will keep getting bigger, but Mr. Wolf and the others will probably have a hard time staying on the right side of the law.


Fun facts

The movie is partially based on The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable, the second book in Blabey’s series.

The cartoon style of the movie was influenced by things like Pulp Fiction (1994), the Ocean’s Trilogy, Lupin III, and Sherlock Hound.


The Bad Guy 2 is the sequel to the animated comedy movie The Bad Guys, which was released in 2022 and won two awards.

The sequel, set to release on April 14, 2024, will feature Sam Rockwell as Mr. Wolf, Marc Maron as Mr. Snake, Awkwafina as Ms. Tarantula, Craig Robinson as Mr. Shark, and Anthony Ramos as Mr. Piranha.

The movie follows the Bad Guys as they face new problems and temptations, as well as new friends and foes.

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