The Nun 3 Release Date: Will Sister Irene Face Valak Again?

The Nun 3 release date: The Nun 2 just started showing in theaters, but will this evil come back for a third movie? What would happen in The Nun 3?

Grab your holy water and rosaries, because the evil Nun is back in theaters and ready to scare you as much as the Conjuring movies did.

The plot summary for this new horror movie says, “In France in 1956, a priest is brutally killed, and Sister Irene starts to look into it. She meets a great evil for the second time.” What this summary doesn’t say is that Maurice is now possessed by the Nun, aka Valak, because he helped save Sister Irene in the first movie. This is where most of the movie’s trouble comes from.

Even though the movie just came out, people may already be thinking about a third Nun movie because of how big the Conjuring series is. So, here’s what we know about The Nun 3 so far.

Is The Nun 3 Coming Out?

As of the time this was written, there was no news about a third Nun movie in the Conjuring series.

The next movie in the franchise will be another Conjuring movie. The Conjuring 4, named “Last Rites,” will come out in October 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will write the screenplay, and James Wan will produce it.

The Nun 3 release date

The movie isn’t out yet, and with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes going on right now, it probably won’t be out for a while.

But, in regards to the news about The Nun 3, the Conjuring series has put out a new movie at least every two years since it started in 2013. So, if there is going to be a third movie, we should hear about it pretty soon.

The Nun 3 Release Date

At the time of this writing, there is no release date for The Nun III because it has not yet been released. The Nun III, on the other hand, probably won’t come out until at least after The Conjuring: Last Rites, which is likely to come out in 2025.

Fans will probably have to wait a long time for The Nun III, at least until 2027 or 2028. This is because every new movie in The Nun series comes out after a new movie in The Conjuring franchise. For example, The Nun, which came out in 2018, came after The Conjuring 2, and The Nun II, which came out in 2019, came after The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

The years 2027 and 2028 are estimates based on what we know at the time this article was written.

We don’t know anything yet about who will be in The Nun III. But the movie could probably continue the stories of both Sister Irene and The Demonic Valak, also known as The Nun. Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons would probably come back to play Irene and Valak, respectively.

The Nun 3 Storylines

We think that Maurice was taken by a secret pagan group, which we’ll find out more about in The Nun 3.

This might sound odd, but hear us out. Maurice has a strange sword mark on his neck, which is never explained in The Nun 2. We also find out that pagans killed Saint Lucy and that there seems to be a group that hates all clairvoyants.

The Nun 3 release date

Also, we need to keep in mind that Valak is usually called to Earth. It doesn’t just show up whenever it wants. In the 2018 movie “The Nun,” we learn that a Duke who was interested in the occult during the Middle Ages called the demon, but some Christian soldiers sealed it away with the blood of Jesus Christ.

The bombs of World War II broke the seal, letting Valak out, and setting in motion the events of The Nun. So, since Valak was sent back to hell by The Nun 2, someone needs to call him back.

The Nun 3 Cast Speculation

If The Nun 3 does happen, Bonnie Aarons will be back as Valak, the demon in a habit, and Jonas Bloquet will be back as Maurice, the body that has been taken over by Valak.

It is not clear, though, if Taissa Farmiga will come back as sister Irene. At the end of The Nun 2, there was a scene after the credits where the Warrens got a phone call, which we assumed was about Maurice.

Here is the cast list for Nun 3:

Actor Character
Bonnie Aarons Demon Valak
Jonas Bloquet Maurice
Vera Farmiga Lorraine Warren
Patrick Wilson Ed Warren

Is there an Official Nun 3 Trailer?

The Nun 3 doesn’t have an official trailer, which makes sense since filming hasn’t started yet.

Most likely, we won’t see anything until a few months before the movie comes out. So, stay tuned until we know more. But The Nun 2 is now playing in theaters, so you have plenty of time to enjoy Valak.

Where Can I Go to Watch the Nun?

The Nun can be seen on Max (formerly HBO Max), just like the other movies in The Conjuring series.

On Friday, September 8, 2023, The Nun 2 came out in theaters. We also think that The Nun 3 will play in theaters before going online. The Nun and the other movies in The Conjuring can also be rented or bought online through Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

While waiting for the premiere of The Nun 3 Release Date, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Warrior Nun Season 3 and Cocaine Bear.

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