Alice Darling Ending Explained: Does Alice Leave Simon?

Alice Darling Ending Explained: ‘Alice, Darling,’ a 2022 psychological thriller drama film directed by Mary Nighy from a scenario by Alanna Francis, examines the significance of a strong support system for persons enduring abuse in a relationship. Alice (Anna Kendrick), the film’s protagonist, appears to have a normal city existence at the film’s outset.

Simon (Charlie Carrick), her boyfriend, is gradually revealed to be psychologically abusive. On a trip with her best friends Tess (Kaniehtiio Horn) and Sophie (Wunmi Mosaku), she opens up to them about her struggles. The conclusion to “Alice Darling” is explained in detail below.

Alice Darling Plot

The movie starts with a little glimpse into the future. Alice is smiling as she swims around underwater in this scene. The narrative then returns to the current day, where nervousness, uncertainty, and worry have taken the place of joy.

She is out with her pals, and they are thinking about taking a trip “up north” to celebrate Tess’s upcoming 30th birthday. Sophie’s parents own a cabin there, and she guarantees they won’t show up unannounced. Whenever Alice receives a message from Simon, she visibly recoils, and she tells her companions that she needs time to think about whether or not she wants to cut her vacation short.

Even while Simon never resorts to physical abuse, their dependent relationship has led to Alice becoming increasingly subservient to him in all areas of her life. Alice is aware that he will not permit her to join her friends on their planned holiday.

Alice Darling Ending Explained

So, she musters up the guts to tell Simon she has to leave on a work trip to Minneapolis when the truth is she just wants to get away from him. It doesn’t register as important to Simon at first, and Alice goes on vacation. Friends realize Alice isn’t herself while on vacation.

Another storyline unfolds in parallel to the primary plot, and it concerns the disappearance of a local girl called Andrea Evans. Alice and her companions arrive at the cabin and learn of the girl’s disappearance; later, Alice decides to join the search party. Alice can draw parallels between her own troubles in her connection with Simon and what would happen to Andrea if she doesn’t break free of the relationship.

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Alice Darling Ending Explained

Does Alice Leave Simon?

The film’s exposition makes clear that Alice’s self-esteem declines as a direct result of her relationship with Simon. The successful artist Simon uses the power dynamic between him and his mistress Alice to boost his self-esteem whenever he starts to doubt his future and his ability.

He, in turn, seems to enjoy humiliating her, both covertly and openly, despite his knowledge of how it will affect her mental health. Alice has often questioned whether or not he is able to read her mind due to the extent of his dominance over her. In addition, this hints at yet another facet of Simon’s character: he is cunning and clever.

Alice Darling Ending Explained

Alice’s friendships with Sophie and Tess are, as Simon is well aware, one of her greatest strengths. So, he tries to dissuade her from hanging out with them by quietly encouraging Alice to start fights with the other two females. Therefore, throughout their frequent disputes over the summer, Alice always ends up reminding Tess that she is not as successful an artist as Simon and has no idea what she wants to accomplish with her life.

Despite Alice’s greater rapport with Sophie (perhaps because Sophie is not as forthright and outspoken as Tess), Sophie is not immune to Alice’s attacks, which are usually done unconsciously.


What Happened to Andrea Evans?

The subplot with Andrea deepens the story of “Alice, Darling” and highlights several topics. When Alice arrives at the cottage, she is greeted by two police officers who inform her of Andrea’s disappearance. Later, she decides to help the search effort instead of going with her pals. Sophie and Tess are initially annoyed by her, but they grow to see why the girl Alice doesn’t even know is so significant to her now.

Alice recognizes parallels between her own situation and Andrea’s recent developments. She concludes that the young woman, like herself, is hopelessly ensnared. Alice hopes that she can help both herself and the search party by participating in the hunt for Andrea. Once again, though, Simon dashes Alice and her friends’ hopes by giving them the newspaper, which reports that the girl’s body has been found.

The subplot’s function has been served, therefore it doesn’t matter if we don’t find out what happened to Andrea. It’s meant to emphasize how severely Simon’s statements have affected Alice. If the girl was alive and could be located, then maybe there was still a chance for her. Simon destroys Alice’s development and her hope by telling her what happened to Andrea in the cabin.

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