Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian in Real Life? Let’s Find Out!

Anna Kendrick is recently in news. She says that she made embryos with a toxic ex-boyfriend before they broke up. After this news we also spotted a query on the internet “Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian?” If you have also the same question then you have come to the right place.

Anna Cooke Kendrick is an American actress and singer. She has won a Satellite Award, five Teen Choice Awards, and three MTV Movie Awards, and she has been nominated for an Academy Award.

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Who is Anna Kendrick?

American actress and singer Anna Kendrick is from. On August 9th, 1985, Anna Cook Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine. Her father was a history teacher, while her mother was an accountant. She grew up with an elder brother named Michael, who went on to become an actress.

Anna Kendrick went to Deering High School in Portland when she was a teenager. Let’s come to the main topic Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian? You will get all your answer in the next paragraph.

When Anna Kendrick agreed to take part in the “Twilight” series, she was already a Tony-nominated child actress. She was able to complete the filming of five other projects, including “Up In the Air,” between the first two “Twilight” movies.

Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian?

So far, every fan’s life has revolved around this subject, as they desired to know about Anna’s sexuality. She has played so many lesbian characters that fans wondered if she was lesbian herself. Her performance in Pitch Perfect 3 was fantastic, and it fueled speculation about her sexuality.

In A Simple Favor, there was also a lesbian hot make-out session that left everyone speechless. She was first hesitant to kiss her co-star. But she eventually worked up the guts to do so. Anna received an Academy Award nomination shortly after the film’s release, and she was hailed as a lesbian icon.

Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian

But when it comes to her sexuality, she isn’t a lesbian at all. Anna, on the other hand, declared in an interview with The Advocate that she is a heterosexual woman. However, she likes the concept of being gay. This is because she has many LGBT friends in her social circle. Anna went on to say that ten of her closest female and male pals are gay. As a result, she is better able to play such a character with poise.

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She Had Once Feeling for A Girl!

Anna recalls kissing a girl when speaking with Pride Source. They were at a party where other boys were there and watching them. During their terrible performance, Anna approached the girl and put a kiss on her lips. Despite the fact that she had no personal attachment to the girl, she liked her. But she resolved that this would never happen to her again.

Ana also talked about how she felt when she kissed Blake Lively in the film. Before the kissing incident, she stated that she was hunting for gum and mint. Anna believes Blake was doing the same thing. She doesn’t believe a guy could have looked for gum or mints in the same way they did. But it was a fantastic experience.

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Is Anna Kendrick Married?

In 2009, she began dating English filmmaker Edgar Wright, whom she met while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. They divorced in March 2013. In February 2014, she began dating English cinematographer Ben Richardson, whom she met while filming Drinking Buddies. That relationship is no longer active.

Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian

In late 2020 or early 2021, Kendrick began dating actor Bill Hader. They dissolved their relationship in June 2022. She has stated that her acting in Alice, Darling was inspired by her experience in an emotionally abusive relationship. hope you get the answer about Is Anna Kendrick Lesbian?

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How Did Anna Kendrick Start Her Career?

Before she graduated from high school, Anna Kendrick was auditioning for major Broadway productions. She landed her first major theatre role at the age of 12 when she joined the production of High Society in 1998. Her performance as a small child was enough to garner her numerous accolades and nominations.

She later starred in the musical A Little Night Music in 2003. At the age of 15, she made her cinematic debut with Camp that year. Kendrick received even more honors and nominations for this performance and her subsequent appearance in 2007’s Rocket Science.

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