Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained: Do Ally and Sean Get Together at the End?

Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained: ‘Somebody I Used to Know,’ a romantic comedy film available on Amazon Prime and directed by Dave Franco from a script he co-wrote with Alison Brie, was released in 2017. Starring Alison Brie, Jay Ellis, and Kiersey Clemons, the film follows a trio of people as they navigate the emotional and practical challenges of love and romance.

Ally, the film’s workaholic protagonist, returns to her hometown and finds herself rekindling her relationship with Sean, an old flame. When Ally gets mixed up in the wedding of her older brother Sean with a younger woman who reminds her of herself.

Because of this, Ally, Sean, and Cassidy have to relearn who they are. Here’s everything you need to know about the conclusion of “Somebody I Used to Know” if you’ve been wondering how the tangled web of emotions gets resolved.

Somebody I Used to Know Plot Synopsis

Alison Brie’s Ally is a hard-working producer with a lot of talent. She comes to terms with her lack of life experience after the network cancels her reality TV show. Ally has made up her mind to go back to her origins and spend some time with her mom.

Ally sees her ex-boyfriend, Sean, while they are both at a bar in her hometown of Leavenworth, Washington (Jay Ellis). They were a couple in high school, but their relationship ended when Ally relocated to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. After an evening of talking about the past, Ally and Sean share a passionate kiss before calling it a night.

The next day, she pays Sean a visit at his home and is shocked to learn that he is engaged to Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons), a brilliant musician and member of a fairly popular band. At first, Ally is taken aback by Sean’s mom Joanna’s request that she serve as the wedding’s videographer, but she eventually agrees.

Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained

Now that she’s feeling nostalgic for Sean, Ally can’t help but get caught up in the wedding preparations. So, Ally decides to take this as an opportunity to figure out if Sean still has affection for her.

Ally finds out that Sean came to the bar when he found out she was in town thanks to Benny, a mutual friend with Sean. This leads Ally to believe that she is Sean’s top pick. Cassidy’s growing suspicion about Ally’s genuine motives causes tensions to rise as the wedding day approaches.

Cassidy encourages Ally to take the stage and perform with her, and the two ladies share an emotional release as a result. Ally begins to recognize more of herself in Cassidy, and she mourns the loss of her own individuality.

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Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained

Who is the Person Ally Used to Know?

Ally bumps into Sean, her ex-boyfriend. They have a fantastic day together, talking and laughing about the good old days. A kiss is shared between Ally and Sean because of the obvious chemistry between them.

He rejects her attempts, however, because he is about to marry Cassidy, a young lady who has been rejected by her parents due to her sexuality and who is therefore well aware of the peculiar circumstances surrounding Ally’s return to Sean’s life. While packing her bags to say goodbye to Sean for good, Ally receives an unexpected invitation from Sean’s mom, Jojo, to stay and film their wedding.

It is the night before the wedding, and Ally has begun conducting private interviews with close relatives and friends. The group shares a lot of joy, including laughter and tears. Using his affection for Cassidy as a cover, Sean then walks over and confesses his feelings for Ally on tape. Before they can even kiss, a hotel worker interrupts to tell Cassidy that her parents have arrived.

How is Ally Going to Separate Sean and Cassidy?

Knowing this, we can see why she avoided letting them in. They are conservative Christians who think it’s wrong for Cassidy to put women before Sean. The father makes a nasty remark like “at least Sean is a boy,” and the mother admits that they are afraid his name may be misunderstood as “butch” for a lesbian (yikes). After Cassidy scolds her parents, they depart.

Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained

After she confronts Sean about calling her parents, he gives chase. As she tells Benny she is giving up on Sean, Ally is overcome with regret. Later, when his fiancee still refuses to let him in, Sean goes to her door and knocks.

They dispute, but not before they’ve had a lengthy conversation in which it seems inevitable that they’ll kiss. Ally warns Sean that he’s treating Cassidy the same way he did by asking her to put her life on wait or sacrifice things that are important to her for him.


Do Ally and Sean Get Together at the End?

On the contrary, Ally visits her mother before the wedding and then leaves early. She heads back to her house, a sign of personal development in that she has delegated showrunner duties to her assistant. In honor of Sean and Cassidy’s big day, Ally makes a wedding video. After returning to her origins, Ally starts filming a documentary about nudists (it was revealed that she used to be a nudist in high school).

In the last scenes, Ally is shown doing interviews with nudists while completely nude. Following the conclusion of the film, the cameraman she had a crush on at the outset (Kevin Yu) invites her out for a drink. Ally declines this week but agrees to help out the week after because she is going home to see her mom. Ally walks out, laughing at an internal joke and appearing pleased with her life.

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