JD Harmeyer Denies Divorce Claims: “We’re Still Together and Happy”

There have been rumors that American radio star JD Hermeyer and his beautiful wife Jennifer Tanko are getting divorced, even though they seem to have a strong marriage.

Fans have been wondering if JD Harmeyer has moved to Los Angeles since the episode with the worldwide illness and the move of The Howard Harsh Show to a different area.

All things considered, JD Hermeyer is a member of the staff of The Howard Harsh Show. He has built ties with well-known people in the business world. People started calling him ‘Hollywood Hermire’ because of this.

Even though he doesn’t live there, Jedi has made a few trips to Los Angeles over the years. Most recently, when Howard gave him a ticket to the 2022 Super Bowl.

Jennifer Tanko (JD) Hermeyer and JD Hermeyer Have Separated After Their Divorce

JD Harmeyer was seeing Jennifer Tanko, an American artist who makes beauty goods and has a huge following on Instagram. Tanko supports marriage for LGBTQ couples. He dated his future wife for a long time before he decided to marry her, and the wedding went off without a hitch.

In August 2018, they got the group at a secret meeting in the city of Las Vegas. Both of these people have been known for their work in TV for a long time.

JD Harmeyer Divorce

The 42-year-old media star is honest and direct with her audience about her work on The Howard Harsh Show. However, we don’t often hear them talk about their own lives.

Jennifer Tanko was Hermeyer’s girlfriend at the time of their wedding. On August 25, 2018, she became his girlfriend.

JD Hermeyer Jennifer Tanko’s Significant Other

The main place where Jennifer Tanko works and has her workshop is in New York City. He was born on January 6, 1988, in Virginia. He has also lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, District of Columbia.

She works as a beauty expert and also has a lifestyle blog where she talks about things like work, clothes, makeup application techniques, and more.

Before she made her Instagram private, she had more than 15,000 fans with whom she shared personal things on the platform, like pictures from her travels and her #1 books.

How JD Hermeier and Jennifer Tanko Got Together

The author says that JD Hermeier and Jennifer Tanko did not start dating on a certain day. Even so, Hermeyer’s coworker, the well-known radio host Howard Harsh, often talked about how close they were on the show.

JD Harmeyer Divorce

It is thought that the pair started dating in 2016, and in February 2017, they said they were set. The couple put the bunch in a private service on August 25, 2018, in Las Vegas, where they had their most memorable date.

There were about ten people at the private event. Even though they couldn’t make it to the wedding, her coworkers on The Howard Harsh Show sent their best wishes to the happy couple. Close family members were the only ones who could really take part in the happy event.

California was the couple’s main goal for the first night (JD)

In September 2019, Hermire and Tanko went to California to start their wedding trip. At the time of their visit, they had been married for almost a year. He started his 10-day road trip by staying at the TWA Inn, which is near New York City’s JFK Airport.

In a general sense, Tenko and Hermeyer have a bad connection. Tanko, on the other hand, is a CrossFit coach and a fan of health, while Hermeier can’t stand to work out.

Even though his girlfriend always posts pictures of what they are doing on virtual entertainment, he is rarely seen in public places like parks and courts.

Tanko loves to spend time outside, so when he went to the ocean, he had a great day. He watched people surf ski and layout in the sun on a California beach while Hermeyer, in full costume, looked at the view. The event took place in California.

The host of The Howard Harsh Show forced him to explain why he didn’t go out with his girlfriend while they were there. Hermeier said he didn’t need to go out, and he didn’t want to show off his ugly body, so he rarely did.

Knowing About Their Plans for Divorce

Since two or three haven’t been seen together in a long time, many people have decided that they are not together anymore. Most people in both groups agreed that they were “opposite” of each other because their ideas were so different in so many different ways.

When people started talking about them breaking up, his ex-girlfriend deleted his accounts on Twitter and Instagram and made his Instagram posts private. Even though there are a lot of rumors and theories, the couple hasn’t said anything public about why they are no longer together.

JD Hermeyer’s Business and Money Benefits

JD Hermeyer began his life in the US city of Fairborn, in the state of Ohio. Harmeyer moved to Lakeland, Florida, with his family and his younger brother Jason when he was 12 years old. There, they became part of the high school theater group.

As for his educational background, he graduated from Lake Gibson Secondary School in 1998. He changed his life after that and went to Full Sail College in Winter Park, Florida, where he finished his education and got a degree in making movies and TV shows.


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