Is Lauren Manzo Getting a Divorce from Vito Scalia? Here’s What We Know

Is Lauren Manzo Divorced? No, she’s not. Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia are still very happy together. They’ve been together for almost seven years, have a beautiful girl named Marchesa Anna Scalia, and their love is still strong. Despite what some people say, they care about their families and help each other.

Who is Lauren Manzo?

Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren Michele Manzo Scalia was born on April 12, 1988. She is best known for being on the Bravo television show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Albert III and Caroline Manzo brought Manzo into the world in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. She has a brother named Albie who is bigger and a brother named Christopher Manzo who is younger.

Her mother joined the group of the Bravo reality TV show for the first season in 2009 and was a part of the show for the first five seasons. Lauren and her family have also been on the show from the beginning to the end. After this, she and her family were in a spin-off called Manzo’d with Children.

Is Lauren Manzo Divorced?

She’s not, no. Lauren Manzo and her husband Vito Scalia want everyone to know that the stories about their marriage breaking up are not true.

They have been married for almost seven years and are still doing well. Marchesa Anna Scalia, their beautiful girl, was born in February 2017.

Is Lauren Manzo Divorced?

Even though they aren’t on social media as much as they used to be, their love for each other hasn’t changed. They care about their family and keep helping each other.

Even though being in the public eye has its challenges, Lauren and Vito are still getting through life together and making their marriage stronger. Their strong bond and commitment to their family show how much they love each other.

Who is the Husband of Lauren Manzo?

Vito Scalia is not just any guy. He is married to Lauren Manzo. He has done well in business and is a well-known face on TV.

They were together for a long time and loved each other. In July 2015, they got married in New York. Even though there have been reports about them, they have always stayed together and have a great relationship.

Lauren has been lucky to have Vito as her partner. They even had a child together, a girl named Marchesa Anna Scalia, whom they raised together. Their wedding shows how much they love each other and want to build a life together.

How Many Kids Does Lauren Manzo Have?

Marchesa Anna Scalia is the name of Lauren Manzo’s beautiful daughter with her husband, Vito Scalia. She was born in February of 2017 and is their only child.

Marchesa is very important to them, and Lauren loves being a mom very much. She loves spending time with her daughter and having great moments as a family.

Lauren Manzo and her daughter:

Is Lauren Manzo Divorced?
Source: Instagram

Lauren and Vito both work hard to make sure their child is happy and well cared for in a loving home. Lauren loves her family very much, and she is grateful for the support and love they give each other.

She also likes being with her whole family, which includes her parents and brothers. Together, they celebrate the joy of family and the strong ties that keep them together.

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