Are Steve Harvey and Marjorie Divorced? Unveiling the Reality

Are Steve Harvey and Marjorie Divorced? When famous couples break up, people all over the world watch with a mix of interest and sadness. Steve Harvey is a well-known comedian, actor, and TV show. He has been in the public eye for a long time.

His split from his second wife, Marjorie Harvey, got a lot of attention because he was a famous person and their relationship was complicated. In this article, we go into depth about Steve Harvey’s divorce, including what happened, what may have caused it, and what we can learn from it.

Steve Harvey Bio

Name Steve Harvey
Date of Birth 17 January 1957
Place of Birth Welch, West Virginia, United States
Wife Marjorie Harvey
Net Worth $300 Million
Weight 104 Kg In Pounds
Height 1.85 m

Who is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is a well-known comedian, actor, and TV host from the United States. He was born in Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957. He first became famous as a stand-up comedian before moving on to other roles in the entertainment business.

Harvey’s unique way of making people laugh and his charm made him a popular host on TV shows like “The Steve Harvey Show,” a sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2002.

Steve Harvey Divorce

He is also known for hosting the long-running game show “Family Feud.” The show became known for his funny interactions with the players, which he started doing in 2010.

Harvey is also an author, a motivational speaker, and has worked in other areas of media. This makes him a famous cultural figure with many different roles.

Who is Steve Harvey’s Wife?

Marjorie Elaine Bridges is the name of Steve Harvey’s wife. She is well-known because she is the third wife of the famous comedian and TV star. On June 25, 2007, they got married. Marjorie Harvey has a background in style and fashion, and her taste and sense of style are often praised.

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She is also a loving mother and stepmother, taking in Steve Harvey’s kids from his past marriages and raising them as her own.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey often post about their life together on social media, and their relationship has gotten a lot of attention from the media because of their public appearances and how freely they love each other.

Are Steve Harvey And Marjorie Getting A Divorce?

After seven years of dating, Harvey asked Mary to marry him, and Mary promptly accepted his proposal. The couple were divorced in 2006 after their marriage had barely lasted for a total of nine years.

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Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, is the designer of the fashion house known as Lady Love Couture. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation was established on the same day as he and his wife celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

False Divorce Rumors Spread Online

False reports began to spread about Harvey Bridges’s marriage to Marjorie Bridges as the online world continued to be abuzz with conversations about the shift that Harvey made in his social media presence.

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There were rumors circulating that Bridges wanted a divorce because of an alleged extramarital affair that took place between their cook and their security.

Steve Harvey Divorce
Ned Nwoko, a Nigerian businessman who portrays himself as a friend of Harvey’s, was the one who disproved these charges.

Steve and Marjorie: A Journey Together

The path that Steve Harvey has taken in his life is something that many people find fascinating. His career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s marked the beginning of his ascent to stardom; since then, his popularity has skyrocketed.

Not only has he hosted successful events, but he has also become a well-known figure in the public eye. Harvey has had many responsibilities bestowed upon him over the course of his life, including those of a spouse and father.

Since the two of them got married in 2007, Marjorie Bridges has been a significant figure in Harvey’s life. They first met in 1997. The connection that they have with one another has not weakened.

How Many Kids Does Steve Harvey Have?

Harvey is the father of seven children, including three children whom he adopted after marrying his current wife, Marjorie Harvey, in 2007. His children are twin daughters named Karli and Brandi, sons named Broderick, Wynton, and Jason, and daughters named Morgan and Lori.


The divorce of Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey shows that even in the world of fame and money, partnerships have problems that need patience, work, and understanding.

Even though their breakup might make some people sad, it’s a chance to think about how important it is to communicate well, find a good mix between work and life, and deal with the pressures that come with being famous.

As Steve and Marjorie go on with their lives, people watch them with interest and hope that they find happiness and satisfaction in their own ways.

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