Cancelled Warrior Nun Show Fans Are Demanding “Netflix Correct Your Mistake”!

Fans of Warrior Nun are taking to Twitter to ask Netflix to “fix its mistake” and bring the show back. Simon Barry’s fantasy drama series, Warrior Nun Areala, came out on Netflix in 2020.

It was based on a comic book character with the same name. The show, which stars Alba Baptista, got mostly good reviews from critics and great reviews from viewers. Season 2 was released on Netflix in November.

Now, fans have taken to Twitter again in large numbers to demand that Netflix change its mind and keep the show. The movement comes at a time when viewers are getting more and more upset that Netflix often cancels Warrior Nun after only one or two seasons.

The latest push from Warrior Nun fans has Twitter users rallying behind the phrase “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE,” which has since become a worldwide trending topic. However, cancelation depends on Warrior Nun Review.

The American fantasy drama is about an orphaned teen who dies and wakes up in a mortuary. She finds out she has superpowers when she wakes up. As the chosen Halo Bearer, she is brought into a secret group of nuns who hunt demons and has to go through training to become one of them and save the world.

Many fans talked about how season 2 didn’t answer many of their questions about the characters and the story. One user also shared a tweet from the past in which Netflix promised fans that they wouldn’t leave another story unfinished. Look at some of these tweets:

The show and its main cast have also gotten a lot of praise for their work during awards season. This shows that it was not yet the right time for the studio to cancel the show. Some people are also hoping that the story will continue on another platform.

In 2017, the Wachowskis’ sci-fi drama Sense8 was canceled after only two seasons, which was also similar to what happened with Sense8. Fans were so angry about the decision that Netflix had to respond, telling them that they had heard them but that the decision would still stand.

Later, the streamer partly changed his mind and ordered a two-hour finale to give fans a way to say goodbye. Since Sense8, though, Netflix has canceled a number of other popular shows that fans were sad to see go.

Cancelled Warrior Nun Show Fans Are Demanding Netflix Correct Your Mistake!

Last year, Netflix canceled The Midnight Club after only one season. This was a bit of a surprise, since the show’s creator, Mike Flanagan, is the man behind hit shows like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, and Netflix and Flanagan have worked well together in the past.

1899, a show that got mostly good reviews and was even on Netflix’s Top 10 list, was recently canceled. Even though not all of Netflix’s decisions to cancel shows are shocking or even controversial, many of them make people wonder how popular a show has to be to get more seasons.

It’s not clear if Netflix will give in to fan requests to bring back Warrior Nun, but it seems unlikely since it would set a bad example for when other shows get canceled.

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