Know the Reason Why “Baran Bo Odar” Cancel the 1899 for Season 2!

Why did Netflix cancel 1899? Why did 1899 get canceled? What is the Reason Behind the 1899 cancelation? there are many searches we spotted on the internet today.

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar made 1899, a multilingual German mystery-science fiction show set in the past. It was first shown on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

It got mostly good reviews from critics, who liked the way it was cast, directed, shot, and acted, though some said it moved too slowly. The creators had plans for two more seasons, but the show was canceled in January 2023.

In this article, we will discuss the real reason behind the cancelation of 1899 season 2. So we will just recommend you all go through the entire article and you will find all your answers.

1899 Cancelled: Why did Netflix cancel 1899?

The ambitious, multilingual show from the creators of Dark that came out on the streaming service in November 2022 will not be back for Season 2, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Freise said in a statement on Instagram on Monday. The co-signed statement reads.

“With a heavy heart, we have to tell you that 1899 will not be renewed. We would have loved to finish this incredible journey with a second and third season as we did with Dark. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned. That’s life, We know this will disappoint millions of fans out there. But we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you were a part of this wonderful adventure. We love you. Never forget.”


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Lynggaard Tnnesen also tweeted an early photo of himself with his co-stars and wrote that the cast was “truly devastated” by the decision not to make the second and third seasons.

Is there any chance of the 1899 Renewal?

Adar and Friese hinted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that they had ideas for a second and third season of 1899. The show was a continuation of Adar and Friese’s previous three-season show Dark.

In 2018, Friese and Odar signed an exclusive deal with the streamer for a number of years. The deal was Netflix’s first overall deal in Europe, and 1899 was the first new show they made together under the deal.

The renewal of the show entirely depends upon the 1899 reviews and Fan’s support. However, 1899 get a lot of positive reviews from fans and critics. no one knows the exact reason behind the cancellation of the series.

But our team is trying to contact the creator of the show to get the real reason behind the cancelation of the show. Do you know Where can you watch 1899? Read our article about it.

Take a Look at What the Series All About?

In the first season, which takes place in 1899, a group of European immigrants leaves Southampton, UK, on a steamship called Kerberos to start new lives in New York City, USA.

The steamship Kerberos is going from England to New York City on October 19, 1899. Four months before, on the same route, her sister ship Prometheus went missing without a trace.

Kester, a third-class passenger on the Kerberos, bursts into the dining room and begs for a doctor. Maura and a lot of the first-class passengers are already there.

Franz kicks Krester out, but Maura follows him down to third class, where she fixes Tove’s tangled umbilical cord. Lucien and Clémence have trouble getting close. Maura sees weird things. She meets the ship’s captain, Eyk, who tells her to follow the rules of the ship.

When Eyk gets a message from Prometheus that only has a set of coordinates, he changes the course of the Kerberos to go to those coordinates. This makes many passengers unhappy. Kerberos sees Prometheus, which looks like it has been left behind.

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