The Pointer Sisters ‘Anita Pointer’ Has Passed Away at the Age of 74!

In this article, we are discussing Anita pointer’s cause of death and detail about her biography. As of this writing, Anita Pointer, one of the original Pointer Sisters, has passed away. The elderly woman was 74 years old. Check more information about her death and scroll down.

Who is Anita Pointer?

American singer-songwriter Anita Marie Pointer was a pioneering member of the legendary girl group the Pointer Sisters. Their first Grammy came for their smash tune “Fairytale,” which she co-wrote and sang lead on. Many of their other songs, such as “Yes We Can Can,” “Fire,” “Slow Hand,” and “I’m So Excited,” featured her as the lead vocalist.

Pointer was born on January 23, 1948, in Oakland, California, to Sarah Elizabeth (née Silas; 1924-2000) and Reverend Elton Pointer, the fourth of their six children (1901–1979). Pointer’s parents were from Arkansas, even though she was born in California. Therefore, Pointer’s family drove practically yearly from California to Prescott, Arkansas, to see Pointer’s grandparents.

Anita Pointer Death

In a statement, publicist Roger Neal said that the Grammy winner died surrounded by her loved ones. It took some time for investigators to determine what exactly caused the fatality.

“Although we are devastated by your loss, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you grieve the loss of Anita and find solace in the knowledge that she is finally at rest alongside your daughter Jada and your sisters June and Bonnie. Her niece Roxie McKain Pointer, nephews Aaron and Fritz, and sister Ruth all chimed in to say that they were close because of her.

They lost Anita Pointer’s only child, Jada, in 2003. Growing up in Oakland, California, Anita, Ruth, Bonnie, and June Pointer sang in their father’s church choir.

They had their first big hit with “Yes We Can Can,” which appeared on their self-titled debut album in 1973. The group received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994 for their contributions to popular culture, which include the songs “I’m So Excited,” “Slow Hand,” “Neutron Dance,” and “Jump (For My Love).”

Triple platinum sales and two Grammys were the results of the 1983 album “Break Out.” According to Neal, the band was successful between the years 1973 and 1985, earning three Grammys and achieving 13 top 20 singles in the United States.

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Neal claims that the Pointer Sisters were the first modern act to play in the San Francisco Opera House and the first African American group to perform on the Grand Ole Opry program.

After leaving in 1977, Bonnie Pointer signed a solo deal with Motown Records, where she met with only moderate success. According to Anita Pointer, “we were crushed” by the departure in 1990. The night she departed, we put on a concert, but then we never did another one. Without Bonnie, we worried it wouldn’t work.

All the way up until 1993, the band kept making music under a variety of names and lineups that included younger family members. June Pointer, who was 52 years old when she died in 2006, succumbed to cancer.

In 2020, Anita Pointer said that her sister Bonnie Pointer had died of a heart attack at the age of 69. Without Bonnie, “The Pointer Sisters” never would have been formed, she claimed in a statement.

Anita Pointer Personal Life

Pointer married multiple times, but only birthed one child. Pointer wed David Harper in December 1965, when they were both just 17. On April 9, 1966, their daughter, Jada Rashawn Pointer, was born to them. Their separation took place in the latter half of 1966. In 2003, at age 37, Jada Pointer lost her battle with cancer.

One of the most well-known songs by the Pointer Sisters, “Jada,” was inspired by her daughter and published on their first album that year (1973). Pointer tied the knot with Richard Gonzalez in October of 1981. Down the road, Pointer and Gonzalez split up.


Aaron Pointer, Pointer’s older brother, played in MLB and officiated NFL games. Paul Silas, her cousin, played and coached NBA basketball.


Which pointer sister died first?

After a long and successful career, Pointer called it quits in 2015. After the passing of June in 2006 and Bonnie in 2020, Ruth is the lone remaining Pointer Sister. In 2003, Anita lost her daughter, Jada, and since then she has been raising her granddaughter, Roxie McKain Pointer.

Which pointer sister is still living?

Ruth is the sole surviving member of the Pointer Sisters, and the group briefly expanded to a quartet with her before Bonnie left in the late ’70s, at which point the group reverted to a trio. Both Fritz and Aaron, the Pointer sisters’ brothers, are still alive and well.

Which pointer sister died?

In a statement released on Saturday, Anita Pointer’s family confirmed that the Pointer Sisters member had passed away at the age of 74.

Does Anita pointer have cancer?

Yes, she was suffering from cancer

Is Anita pointer still alive?

No, she is not still alive. The cause was cancer, her publicist, Roger Neal, said

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