How Old Was Jim Henson When He Died? Discusing Henson’s Legacy!

James Maury Henson, an American puppeteer, animator, actor, and filmmaker, was internationally recognized for his creation of the Muppets. Henson was also recognized for his role as the director of The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986), as well as for his creation of Fraggle Rock (1983–1987).

Henson, who was born in Greenville, Mississippi, and reared in both Leland, Mississippi, and University Park, Maryland, began creating puppets during his high school years.

How Old Was Jim Henson When He Died?

The inventor of the Muppets died at the age of 53. He was separated from his wife, but she was with him, as were four of their five children.

How Did Jim Henson Die?

Henson died from toxic shock syndrome, which was caused by a bacterial infection. His symptoms began a few weeks before his death, around the time he made his final public appearance on May 4, 1990, on The Arsenio Hall Show. His publicist, Arthur Novell, told PEOPLE following his death that he began to show signs of illness while taping.

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“He admitted he was tired, that he had a sore throat, but he insisted it would go away,” he stated. According to his colleagues and family, Henson decided to push through his illness and live his life as usual, visiting antique stores and flying to New York City to work on the Disney agreement and Muppets projects.

How Old Was Jim Henson When He Died

A week later, on May 12, Henson and his daughter Cheryl decided to fly down to North Carolina to see his father and stepmother in their rural community. However, the next morning, Henson struggled to get out of bed.

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What Were Jim Henson’s Last Words?

Although Henson did not have any famous final remarks, he did leave the world with a significant message shortly before his death. Richard Hunt, Henson’s friend, disclosed a message in a letter that Henson had written to his family and friends immediately prior to his death during his eulogy at his memorial service. “Jim’s final words are of paramount importance: ‘Please be vigilant for one another,'” he stated.

Discussing the Personal Life of Jim Henson

Henson and Jane Nebel married on May 28, 1959, in a small ceremony held at Nebel’s family home. Their children include Lisa (born 1960), Cheryl (born 1961), Brian (born 1963), John (1965-2014), and Heather (born 1970). Henson and his wife separated in 1986, but remained close for the remainder of his life.

Jane claimed that Jim was so preoccupied with his career that he had little time to spend with her or their children. According to Cheryl, all five of his children began working with Muppets at a young age, partly because “one of the best ways of being around him was to work with him”. Henson was an ardent supporter of the civil rights struggle.

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