What Was Journalist Bob Nalbandian Death Cause?

Bob Nalbandian, whose journalistic and film career recorded the peaks and valleys of the hard rock movement in print, film, and online, passed away on December 30 in Redding, California. He was 58 years old.

Recent reports have surfaced on the internet, and users of various social media platforms quickly spread the word about them. His loved ones are inconsolable over his passing, and they have offered their condolences to the members of his family.

There is a great deal of interest among a large number of individuals right now in learning more about Bob Nalbandian and the circumstances surrounding his passing. This post will provide you with additional information about the news, which we have obtained and will now share with you.

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What Was Journalist Bob Nalbandian Death Cause?

The first person to confirm Nalbandian’s passing was his cousin, who issued a statement indicating that he had passed away on Friday in Redding, California. The family member said, as reported by Deadline, that he lost his fight against cancer and passed away as a result of its effects.

What Was Bob Nalbandian Death Cause

The aggressive and uncommon form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma known as mantle cell lymphoma was what the legend was diagnosed with. The Lymphoma Research Foundation says that mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) originates in cells that are found in a person’s “mantle zone,” which refers to the outer ring of tiny lymphocytes that can be seen in a lymphatic nodule. According to these estimations, the illness accounts for six percent of all cases of NHL in the United States.

Nausea, bloated lymph nodes in the neck, groin, and armpits; heartburn; pain in the lower back; and an overwhelming feeling of fullness are some of the symptoms associated with this condition.

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Musicians Paid Tribute to Him

Musicians who had previously cooperated with him and worked with him in the past paid tribute to him as they informed their fans of his passing and announced his passing.

Dave Mustaine, the leader of Megadeth, stated that  “Sad news today, my friend Bob Nalbandian, the metal legend who helped me find Marty Friedman, has passed away. We will miss you terribly, Bob. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.”

A Glimpse Into Bob Nalbandian Career

At the young age of 17, Bob Nalbandian launched his career in the music and entertainment sector as the publisher/editor-in-chief of the famed heavy metal fanzine. When Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Armored Saint were still unsigned Los Angeles bands in April 1982, they were featured in the first ever features in a nationally distributed zine called The Headbanger.

In the ’80s and ’90s, Nalbandian contributed as an editor for a wide variety of respected music publications. In addition to associate editing positions at Platinum and Men’s Perspective, the list also features Metal Rendezvous, Creem, Music Connection, Hit Parader, BAM, and Foundations.

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Before disbanding The Headbanger in 1985, Bob Nalbandian managed the Orange County, California heavy metal band EDEN. He got the band a worldwide record deal with Enigma/Restless in 1984.

What Was Bob Nalbandian Death Cause

Marty Friedman, guitarist for the multi-platinum band Megadeth, was employed by Nalbandian in the early 1990s. Friedman eventually became president of Roadrunner Records’ west coast branch and worked closely with the label’s innovative groups, such as Sepultura, Type-O Negative, and Last Crack.

Bob Nalbandian directed and co-produced the MetalRock Films documentaries BAND VS. BRAND and INSIDE METAL (Cleopatra Entertainment). Films like “Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal,” “LA Metal Scene Explodes,” “The Rise of LA Thrash Metal,” and “Bay Area Godfathers” can be found in the Inside Metal collection.

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