Jt Before Surgery: Not Here For Plastic Surgery Gossip!

Jt Before Surgery: Again, JT, one-half of the City Ladies, is brought up in conversations about plastic surgery. Whether it’s criticism of her lyrical lyrics, her fashion choices, or her connection with fellow rapper Lil Uzi, JT is constantly defending herself online.

To dispel rumours that she has had plastic surgery, she is now speaking out. As soon as a mugshot of the rapper leaked online, her current and former appearances were immediately compared by her admirers. Her devoted following deduced that she had secured a steady stream of gigs and was getting the rest of her work in between.

JT showed a side-by-side comparison between an old photo of herself from a few years ago and a current photo to prove that she hasn’t gotten any plastic surgery. JT lied and said, “I’ve never had any surgery.” Let my chubby, acne-prone teen years’ worth of mug photographs be if it’s not too much bother. I was a lost adolescent baking under the Florida sun. I’ve recently been hired and cleaned up, so here’s the thing.

Recently, JT had to defend her guy, Lil Uzi, from internet trolls following a friendly exchange he had on Instagram live with her crew member, Yung Miami. JT has been unable to reactivate her Twitter account since that time. Uzi claims that everything was just a joke. When I was messing about with my girlfriend, she told me, “That’s my GF’s closest mate.

JT Explains Fans’ Plastic Surgery Suspicions!

Women in the Hip Hop industry have a lot of challenges, and hearing rumours about their appearance due to plastic surgery is just one of them. JT of the City Young Ladies had to fight off some savages on Instagram who made sure she was done working for the week by the weekend.

The Miami native was so intrigued by the before-and-after comparison of JT’s visage that she posted a throwback photo of JT from before her fame spread. She said her skin wasn’t in great shape in the past, but her beloved face has remained unchanged.

The subtitle reads, “I never had any surgery,” which is what JT actually said. Please don’t touch my fat teenage skin inflammation booking photos. I was a lost adolescent baking under the Florida sun. I’ve recently been hired and cleaned up, so here’s the thing.


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JT has never been known for keeping quiet, so her approving claps at fans who disagree with her are nothing new. Stay tuned month, JT went to Twitter to get her unusually frank take on how her and Lil Uzi Vert’s fan relationship fared when they didn’t talk about it.

On Twitter on Walk 17, JT said, “Nah it was great when you all felt like he was playing me and you all were giggling now he adoring me in you all face and it bothers bitches like you.”

You don’t want to see the next bitch with it and ecstatic because you know they can’t keep or get crap from a nigga, right? It’s my record, it’s my substance, but people who post a lot on Twitter about McChicken coochie tend to say that they’re sharing a lot of rubbish. Don’t bother following me if we’re going to be awkward around each other.

City Girls Avoid Plastic Surgery Charges With Jt

The American hip-hop duo Yung Miami and JT are a part of the group City Young Ladies. In February of 1994, Yung Miami was conceived by Caresha Romeka Brownlee. (brainchild, December 1992; Jatavia Shakara Johnson).

In 2018, the duo from Miami, Florida rose to prominence after releasing an uncredited cover of Drake’s chart-topping single “In My Sentiments.”

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After Surgery of JT

Another A-lister has been called out for allegedly altering her appearance with plastic surgery, and this time it’s JT. Since Hollywood has finally caught on to the trend, most fans assume that their favourite stars have tried at least a couple of different procedures.

After a mugshot from when she was a teenager surfaced online, it was recently confirmed that the City Young Ladies rapper got a nose job.

It’s natural that the rapper would seem different as a kid than she does now, but some of her admirers suspect that JT had plastic surgery to alter her looks.

Since then, she’s been chasing down the claims about her plastic surgery history online with proof in the form of receipts. JT says it’s unfair that an old mugshot is being used as evidence against her, and she swears that her skin has finally reached the next level.

The artist also published a selfie taken thereafter, in which she did not bother with any makeup. In an Instagram post, JT claimed, “I never had any surgery.” If at all possible, I’d like it if you wouldn’t use any photos of my pudgy, acne-prone teen face.

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I was a frightfully pale kid, sweltering in the Florida sun when I got lost. I’ve grown up, showered, and redressed, so deal with it.

Skincare Fans Agreed and Shouted

Popular wisdom holds that “skin health management is important and will affect your general face!! A second supporter joked, “Remember… I don’t think you’re ugly at all I think the caption should read “recently broke.


Yung Miami is a mother to two children, a boy born in 2013 and a girl born in 2019. The father of her unborn child was shot and killed in the year 2020. Her daughter’s father is the record producer Southside.

On August 6, 2019, Yung Miami was out in Miami when he was a hit-and-run victim. When an unknown assailant in a plain car tried to shoot at her scarlet Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the additional tyre was hit. We could rest assured that she was secure.

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