Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 1: Recap, Ending Explained, and Review!

Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 1: Based on characters from Tom Clancy’s made-up “Ryanverse,” Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan aired on Amazon Prime Video on August 31, 2018, as an American political action thriller. The show was developed by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland. Cuse is an executive producer for the show, along with John Krasinski, Michael Bay, and Mace Neufeld. As the series lead, Krasinski follows Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine as the sixth actor to play the role of Star Trek’s main protagonist.

Amazon picked up the show for a second season in April of 2018, and it debuted on October 31 of this year. Amazon picked up the show for a third season in February 2019, and it debuted on December 21, 2022. Amazon has picked up a fourth season of the show before the third has even aired.

Before the third season premiered in May 2022, it was announced that the show would terminate after four seasons, potentially in 2023. Michael Pea has been cast as Ding Chavez in an upcoming spinoff series.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 1: Recap

Jack Ryan is currently operating discreetly and meeting with an asset. He gives the smoker, who goes by the name Zoya, a light. She promptly delivers him a small chip that appears to be compatible with any smartphone. With this new information, we can explain to Zoya why Jack is interested in the Sokol project.

She informs him that it is a nuclear weapon engineered to be radar invisible. The project, which had been shelved in 1969, is back on the table now. When Jack gives the news to James (Wendell Pierce), he gets his balls busted. Jack’s new superior has a disdain for intrepid individuals like himself.

Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel from Get Out) is a very methodical person who prefers to follow the rules. Not Jack, who went on a scouting mission of his own to find Zoya.

jack ryan season 3 episode 1

Also, Dmitry Popov, the Russian minister of defense, and Alena Kovac, the president of the Czech Republic (Tar’s Nina Hoss), meet secretly in order to arrange for peace talks (Michael Gor). She is stuck between a rock and a hard place because she has agreed to meet with them at the NATO summit.

Why? She is stuck between the extremists and the peacemakers. The more she talks to Popov and brings him to the biggest football game of the year, the more she realizes she is being used as a pawn.

An attractive blonde waits for her date, who never shows up, in a bar. Seeing his chance, the bartender walks up to her. In order to surprise the guy, she bought two tickets to the soccer game. That’s why he’s offering her a drink and inviting her over.

While yelling that they can see the field from here, he sprints out of the VIP parking area. When the woman suddenly appears behind him, he is taken aback. When he’s sound asleep, the woman’s partner creeps up on the car and loads his sniper rifle. A little while later, while conversing with Kovac, he shoots Popov in the head.

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The bartender is awake but has trouble moving when Kovac’s security detail (I had assumed it was Popov’s) arrives at the scene of the shooting, so they leave the rifle in his possession. In total, the agent fires two shots at him. I have a sneaking suspicion he is complicit in the assassination plot as well.

The intelligence that Sokol is being carried on a Russian freighter and will be accompanied by a SOG Team has been relayed to Jack. Using their SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle), they board the ship, fire off some harpoons that successfully land on the ship, and then proceed to climb the ship at an angle of 90 degrees. In any case, they discover a scientist named Yuri within the shipment.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 1: Ending Explained

At least, that’s what Jack says when he calls Elizabeth and James and wonders why he hasn’t come in yet. Elizabeth informs him that the government’s official story is that he killed a police officer after illegally entering the country. Holy s**t, you’re searching for a fallen man,” he says in response.

James stares blankly as if he had no idea what is going on. They informed him that Popov had been murdered, and Jack saw this as the beginning of seven Clancy’s maiden attempt to eliminate a defense minister. The name Sokol will be the final one called.

Jack’s supervisor tells him to come in, but he explains away his presence by saying he must remain mobile in order to locate Sokol. James utters a few words to him in an unknown tongue right before he hangs up (at least to me). Jack hangs up, and James is left with a grievance to air with his superior.


Who set fire to Jack, if anyone? Elisabeth? Or her superior. She tells James that she phoned to burn his partner. She immediately turns to James and demands to know, “What did he say to you?”

Shelter in heaven,” James replies.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 1: Review

This season’s beginning has been nothing short of hectic. Krasinski and company don’t spend any time getting to the meat of the story and introducing key characters. There were two major gun battles, but the past always suggests that something even more significant is on the horizon. Beautiful footage of Rome, Italy, was also shown to the audience.

The plot appears to be expanding to include Athens and perhaps other exotic locales. It seems to reason that we might expect more of the same in the future. Episode 1’s strong story progression and straightforward plot mechanics reminded viewers why they enjoy this spy thriller so much as a binge-watch.



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