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Where is kate Gosselin Now: There was a time when the whole world was up to speed on Kate Gosselin’s antics. The mother of eight children appeared on the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. Her children included twins and the now-famous sextuplets. Their struggles as a family of five in Pennsylvania were chronicled in the TLC show.

Soon after the show’s 2007 launch, viewers could tell that Jon and Kate had a complicated dynamic going on. Kate frequently spoke to Jon as if he were her ninth kid, rather than her boyfriend. In the meantime, Jon expressed frustration with Kate’s micromanagement and nagging. Despite the couple’s constant bickering, the show’s popularity skyrocketed as a result.

Now, 12 years later, where is Kate? Since then, her life has undergone a dramatic transformation. This is what Kate Gosselin is doing right now.

Who is Kate Gosselin?

American television personality Katie Irene “Kate” Gosselin. The unconventional brood she and her husband Jon Gosselin raised of sextuplets and twins was the subject of the American reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. Katie Irene Kreider is the daughter of a preacher, Kenton Kreider, and his wife, Charlene (née Kolak), who gave birth to her in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Katie’s ancestry includes the German, Scottish, and English cultures. She’s the middle sibling among her four sisters (Kendra, Christen, and Clairissa) and brother (Kevin). Kreider received her nursing diploma from Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania.


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Where is kate Gosselin Now?

Kate and her children Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah, age 18, moved to Troutman, North Carolina from Pennsylvania. Jon Gosselin, Kate’s ex-husband, now has custody of their two remaining sextuplets, Collin and Hannah. Mady and Cara, the couple’s eldest children, are currently in their sophomore years at Syracuse University and Fordham University, respectively, in New York State. During their summers and winters off from college, Mady and Cara stay with their mom.

The Pennsylvania home, located in Wernersville, cost the mother of eight a cool $1.1 million back in October 2008, while she was still married to her now ex-husband. However, she decided to sell the mansion in October 2020. The spacious 7,591 square foot house, located on 23 acres of property, included six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and high-end fixtures like a saltwater pool, three cookers, and two dishwashers.

“The relocation just made sense, and it’s a better way of life for her and the kids today,” the source continued. The four youngest ones will all be attending university this year. Kate’s family didn’t have to keep their massive [Wernersville, Pennsylvania] mansion.

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While an improvement over Kate’s old residence, her new place doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.

Kate Gosselin’s Social Media Pages Have Disappeared

There isn’t a lot of information available for Kate’s devoted followers to piece together about her recent activities. Kate Gosselin’s final Instagram post was a 2020 July celebration of Aaden’s removal of his braces.

Oh, and her final tweet? Until 2017, Kate rarely used Twitter. Beyond that, her website, which has blog articles and promotions for her novels (the most recent of which was released in 2013), hasn’t been updated in years. Fans are worried about the eight-time mom because of all this and the latest news about her. The family as a whole has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years.


Kate Gosselin Disappeared From Reality TV

It was claimed that Kate had moved to North Carolina sometime around March of 2021. Jon claims that Kate has had zero communication with his children Hannah and Collin since moving out of Pennsylvania. Kate also had her own 2019 reality program called “Kate Plus Date,” but it appears to have been canceled. What the former reality star will do in the future is anyone’s guess.


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